ARMS 2.0 Update Adds New Character/Weapons/Modes

The first of several free updates for Arms have been released by Nintendo. The 2.0 update adds a new character to the game, along with new weapons and modes.

When you reach the end of the single player mode of Arms, you have to face a character named Max Brass, the commissioner of the ARMS Association. He has the ability to deflect attacks by other Arms, and his weapons become permanently charged when his health drops below 20%. Max Brass can also protect himself from flinching when he has his weapons charged.

Max Brass's stage from the single player mode is also now available as to be chosen in other modes. The Sky Arena is now useable by all players. It has also replaced the Snake Park in Ranked Mode.


Three new Arms have been added to the game. The Nade, Roaster, and Kablammer can now be used. The Nade and Roaster are elemental boxing gloves that can be charged, while the Kablammer is a new hammer type weapon. These are Max Brass' default weapons.

It is now possible for players to be able to play as Hedlok in a special online mode called Hedlok Scramble. In the online mode of Arms, you can occasionally be thrown into a match with two other players where you have to fight an A.I. controlled enemy called Hedlok, who fights with a huge range of weapons. Players can now control Hedlok and battle against three other players at once.

A new information screen has been added to the game so that players can find out which characters they have used the most and find out other statistics about their time with Arms.

The Ranked Mode has seen some changes in the new update. You can now reach a maximum rank of 20. The penalties for leaving a game early have also been increased, in an effort to stop people from rage quitting.

Arms has also received several improvements to the online mode and some of the most prominent glitches have been fixed.

This update was the first of several that are planned for the first year of the game's release, which is following a similar model to that of Splatoon. We will be seeing new characters, Arms, and stages added to the game at a later point. It is also probably a safe bet that we will be seeing Arms amiibos at some point, which will mean that support for them will be needed to be added to the game.

The 2.0 update for Arms is available to download right now.

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