SDCC 2019: Black Canary Gets A New Suit In The Arrow's Season 8 Trailer

Arrow's final season now has a trailer, and it features a new Black Canary suit. The hit series concluded its most recent season in May, and set up Oliver Queen's role in the upcoming Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover event.

Arrow has had its ups and downs, but its legacy will forever be a positive one. The show helped kick-start a wave of superheroes on television. Without Arrow's massive success, there likely wouldn't be The Flash or Supergirl. Arrow told the continuing adventures of Oliver Queen, a man who was stranded for five years on an island. Upon returning to his city, he put on a suit and engaged in vigilante activities. The press dubbed him, "the Hood." Oliver would later adopt the persona of "the Arrow," and finally "Green Arrow." Along the way, he's met friends, made enemies, and even helped save the world. Season 8 is the final season of the show. Oliver could end up dying to save the multiverse.

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During Arrow's panel at Comic-Con, Warner Bros. premiered the Season 8 teaser. The overall video serves more as a retrospective of the whole show, but there is some new stuff in there as well. Check it out below.

The retrospective goes through the many key moments in Oliver's life. Viewers see the Queen's Gambit, and Oliver's father giving him the mission of saving Star City. Other scenes include Slade killing Oliver's mother, Damien Darhk killing Laurel, and quite a few other key sequences.

In the new scenes, Katie Cassidy's Black Canary is seen in a new suit. Tommy Merlyn is also featured in the footage. Earlier in July, Arrow showrunner Beth Schwartz told Entertainment Weekly that Tommy, along with Adrian Chase, would be appearing in the final season. Clearly, Oliver's journey with the Monitor is going to lead to some interesting places.

Via YouTube.com/Warner Bros. TV

There are so many things up in the air when it comes to Arrow and Crisis on Infinite Earths. Will Oliver actually die, as the Monitor says? Will someone else take up the mantle at the end of the season to signify the legend never dies - like in The Dark Knight Rises? It's an exciting time for fans of the Arrowverse. Yes, it is sad that Arrow is coming to a close, but all good shows do. If Oliver does end up giving his life to save the multiverse, there's no other better way for a hero to go out.

Arrow's final season premieres October 15, on the CW.

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