Artifact's Concurrent Player Count Already Down 75% Since The Beginning of The Year

Just when you thought Artifact couldn’t get any worse, along comes 2019, bringing with it even fewer players than the game had in 2018.

According to SteamCharts - a non-affiliated third-party site that collects and analyzes Steam data for its games’ concurrent players - Valve’s digital trading card game, Artifact, has seen a nearly 75 percent drop in players since January.This news isn’t necessarily that surprising, seeing as how the game has continued to see a massive drop in players since its release in November 2018. When we wrote about Artifact’s drop in players in January, the average concurrent player count was below 1,500, which was the lowest number of players for the game up to that point (and also represented a whopping 97.5 percent drop in player count since the game’s release).

As of yesterday, Artifact’ held a concurrent player count of 683, which isn’t even half of January’s average.

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It seems that Artifact is merely an afterthought for gamers now, and possibly even Valve itself. The game’s website and Twitter profile have not shared any new posts since mid-December, which is surprising for such a supposed high-profile game, considering we are already in the third month of 2019. In fact, the last sliver of news from the game came in the form of update notes shared on January 28th. Typical changes and fixes were noted in the post, but the final bullet point was the most interesting. Noted as an “Unchanged” feature, “Still in it for the long haul” was listed, indicating that Valve still has a vested interest in the game’s future.

We have previously discussed some ways in which Valve might be able to save Artifact, but at this point, is it even worth it? The Dota 2-inspired digital trading card game just hasn’t stuck with gamers, and it doesn’t look like anything will be able to turn that around.

It is probably best for Valve to chalk their first attempt at re-entering the actual game-making business up as a loss and move on to more important matters, like giving us a new Half-Life or Left 4 Dead game.

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