Artist Reimagines The Avengers As Pokémon Trainers

A talented artist has thrust together two worlds we have always wanted to see collide: Marvel and Pokémon.

A talented artist has thrust together two worlds we have always wanted to see collide: Marvel and Pokémon.

We here at TheGamer like nothing more than a collaboration between two things we love equally as separate entities. That's why we are currently heartbroken that the Fortnite x Avengers LTM officially came to an end yesterday. What are we supposed to do now? Go back to playing regular old battle royales and being eliminated as soon as our feet hit the ground? At least Tilted Towers has been leveled, we guess.

It might not be as entertaining and time-consuming as the Endgame LTM, but we have stumbled across a fresh Marvel mashup that has at least brightened our day. This one sees our favorite superheroes reimagined as Pokémon trainers. Before you get too excited, it's nothing official, but it is still pretty cool.

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Unknown Dan is the mastermind behind the creations. The Brazilian illustrator paired up some of our favorite Avengers with the Pokémon he believes them to be best suited to. Despite a little backlash in the comments under the posts, we think he has paired them up perfectly. Our personal favorite? Rocket sitting on the shoulder of Sudowoodo. We would never replace Groot, but should the worlds ever collide, we would be okay with seeing this happen.

Other teams include Iron Man and Scizor, Okaoye pairing up with Lucario, and Bruce Banner eliminating the need to become the Hulk by having a green Ursaring on his side. As formidable as all of these pairings would undoubtedly be, we can't imagine any of them would hold a torch to Thor's tandem in battle. The Asgardian has Raikou fighting his corner. Your move, Thanos.

Sadly, we can't imagine a reason why the Pokémon and Marvel universes would ever collide, outside of our imaginations and some quality fan art. Stranger things have happened, but the respective franchises seem to be doing pretty well for themselves without needing to lean on one another. You never know though, and perhaps in years to come, Detective Pikachu could be a fully fledged Avenger. Just a thought.

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