Asmongold Is About To Hit Max Level In WoW Classic In Less Than 2 Weeks

Love him or hate him, Asmongold is certainly a force to be reckoned within the realm of online streaming, and he is about to hit level 60 in World of Warcraft: Classic with a whopping 122,000 viewers clinging to his every word.

As expected, Asmongold is playing a human Warrior, which he has more or less stuck to since beginning his playtime in World of Warcraft in 2006. Before becoming mainly known for his World of Warcraft streams, he briefly played Halo. His online persona is that of a self-proclaimed “Professional Neckbeard”, and his controversial statements and overall brash attitude, including what appears to be a "Make Azeroth Great Again" hat in his background, drives him to the number one spot among all streamers of World of Warcraft, with around double the viewers of the next closed streamer.

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Leveling a Warrior in World of Warcraft: Classic is considered to be the most difficult of classes. This is due to the gear dependency of the class compared to other options, as well as a lack of self-sustaining abilities while questing or grinding. Classes such as the Hunter have a far easier time thanks to their pets, which scale independently of their gear and as such as always able to deal with threats regardless of their items.

Asmongold has certainly had a leg up in this regard, however, since so many players seem keen to give him gold and equipment, which eases the leveling process for the Warrior class significantly as he is always able to purchase the items needs to stay ahead of the curve. The streamer’s popularity and presence are exactly what some players sought to avoid when the game formally launched in late August.

As a result, certain servers, such as Faerlina, became so overpopulated that Blizzard has begun the processes of transferring players to realms with lower populations for free, all in an effort to reduce queue times.

Via: youtube.com (Stream HighlightsXD,)

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It will be interesting to see if Asmongold can maintain these viewership numbers, not because of his individual talent, but because once his character hits level 60, there may not be sufficient content to keep viewers entertained in the game. Certainly, there is some raid content, but that is not nearly as much as we have today in the retail version of the game. Perhaps he could be working towards attunement for later objectives, but that is a repetitive grind that may not make for entertaining streams.

In any case, Asmondgold should be hitting level 60 later today or likely tomorrow. Yesterday, his push to 60 was thwarted after a DDoS attack shut down most of the WoW servers. He's back today, and ready to finish the grind.

Source: esportspedia.com

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