Ranked: The 10 Best Abilities In Assassin's Creed: Odyssey

Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey truly went all out with its RPG elements and player-specialization. There are three Skill Trees in Odyssey: Hunter, Warrior, and Assassin. This allows players to spec themselves into the playstyle they want to embrace. Whether you want to be a skilled archer, tanky warrior, or stealthy assassin, Odyssey has you covered.

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One aspect that made Odyssey different from Origins was the way in which you can select your abilities. Instead of having all skills active, you can now match specific abilities with button prompts of your choosing. The following abilities are standouts among the rest. Some may complement your build perfectly, while others are a jack-of-all-trades that you can use in any playstyle. Here are the 10 best abilities in Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey.

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10 Battlecry Of Ares

The Battlecry of Ares ability is almost the exact same as Kratos’s Spartan Rage in God of War (2018). For up to 20 seconds, you can deal 50% damage. To make this even more powerful, all attacks received increases the damage while active. Also, all enemy attacks are non-lethal. The damage boost is always appreciated, but this skill is mainly needed to keep yourself from dying if you feel you are in danger. If that one boss is absolutely relentless, do not hesitate to activate Battlecry of Ares since it requires no Adrenaline.

9 Critical Assassination

Critical Assassination is just a more powerful version of your Assassination ability. Still, an extra 300% damage on your Assassination is sure to be helpful in stealthy situations. If you see an elite enemy with a huge amount of health, this ability can sometimes one-shot them depending on your Assassin damage. This ability is also useful for going up against Mercenaries. Even if you can’t completely take them out with Critical Assassination, a huge chunk of their health will be taken out, making it an easier fight from the start.

8 Second Wind

Second Wind allows you to automatically regain health upon activating it. This ability is the most well-rounded since it is used in almost every build. Considering Odyssey doesn’t have any sort of health-packs, Second Wind is an absolute must-have. 

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You’ll get the most use out of it during Conquest and Boss Battles. Since these bosses hit hard, you’ll be thankful you have a quick pick-me-up when you get bashed out of nowhere by a boss’s strike.

7 Sixth Sense

Sixth Sense gives you an 8-second window of time to react upon getting caught by a guard. You also get a 200% Hunter damage bonus during this 8 seconds. This is great for Hunter players who prefer to play the game as sneakily as possible. While this is technically a Hunter ability, it is practical for all other forms of attack. An enemy may spot you while sneaking, but you can easily run up to them and assassinate them within that 8 seconds.

6 Multi-Shot

No one likes being swarmed in any video game. Multi-Shot is the prominent ability for managing crowd control. This lets you shoot up to 8 enemies, with each arrow dealing 250% Hunter damage. Whether you’re in a conquest battle or you get caught in the middle of a fort, this skill will let you pick off a number of enemies at a time. If you have a high CRIT chance in your build, this skill can actually be stupidly overpowered, almost to the point of being broken. The added bonus is that this ability is so easy to use, as you all need to do is aim and shoot at a group of enemies. Multi-Shot does the rest of the work.

5 Devastating Shot

Devastating Shot simply unleashes an arrow that can deal up to 400% Hunter damage (even more if your bow is fully charged). A fully charged Devastating Shot to an enemy’s head will always do an outrageous amount of damage, which tends to CRIT most of the time. 

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This ability is great for just about any situation. Elite enemies and bosses are usually the perfect targets for Devastating Shot. Also, at 3 skill points, this ability will make basic enemies go flying back. If you see an enemy on the edge of a cliff or wall, feel free to shoot Devastating Arrow. The results are quite hilarious.

4 Ghost Arrow Of Artemis

This ability is just silly, for all the right reasons. This allows you to shoot a “ghost-arrow” that can go through just about anything, dealing up to 260% Hunter damage. When we say anything, we mean literally anything. For instance, this arrow can travel through a mountain if you have an enemy marked. Stealth is always the best course when using this ability. The best part is that you can stay completely hidden after using it since enemies are not likely to know your location. You can even use this ability against Medusa by shooting through the pillars when you're avoiding her beam of light.

3 Hero Strike

While it is technically an Assassin skill, Hero Strike is great for Warrior melee builds. When activating this ability, you will sweep the enemy, and then bring your dagger into them as they go down. It’s best for using against Elite enemies since it does 100% Assassin damage on the enemy. Considering Assassin damage is always absurdly high, you’d be crazy not to use this skill while in combat. You can even use this on giant bosses. It won’t actually do the sweep animation (although sweeping the Cyclops would be humorous), but it will get the full amount of Assassin damage regardless.

2 Rush Assassination

For any Assassin players, Rush Assassination is an absolute requirement. Assassin builds tend to not be very tanky, which means you’re always going to want to stay hidden. However, sometimes a group of enemies are all next to each other, which means attacking one guard may alert everyone else. Rush Assassination is the ideal ability for this situation. This teleports you towards an enemy to do an assassination. At 3 points, it can do 150% Assassination damage. The added bonus is that you can chain it three times. If you have a high Assassination damage output, you can take out four enemies within a few seconds. They’ll never see it coming!

1 Slow Time

Slow Time is everyone’s favorite ability for all builds. Who doesn't want to slow down time in a fast-paced game? Many use Slow Time against some of the more difficult bosses in Odyssey. Bosses like the Minotaur and Medusa are tough due to their quick attacks. Slow Time makes these boss fights way easier since you’ll be able to get a good amount of hits on them before they can return the favor. Not only will getting many hits to do some damage, but it’s also a more efficient way to build up Adrenaline. It’s especially effective if you don't have a high armor rating.

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