Assassin's Creed Odyssey: 19 Epic Boss Battles Everyone Needs To See (And 6 That Aren't Worth The Effort)

It may not be Dark Souls, but Assassin's Creed is definitely continuing its action RPG foray into the foreseeable future. Odyssey was certainly a polarizing call on Ubisoft's part, with no shortage of long time Assassin's Creed fans expressing discontent, if not swearing off the series entirely from this point and on. But all in all the game's been well received, having completely surpassed Origins in terms of sales figures according to Ubisoft, and garnering generally positive reviews. So it may well be said that the series hit a good really good note with the RPG fusion elements.

Of course, part and parcel to the action RPG experience is a host of awesome, adrenaline-fueled boss battle set pieces to test the edge of your seat as hard as they test your controller's structural integrity. If you're a fan of Assassin's Creed's new direction, then you're probably pretty stoked to experience them. If not, well, the fact that there are so many of them is sure to be a bit more for franchise veterans.

Whichever way you lean, we decided to sit down and have a look at nineteen of these epic encounters that we feel have lived up to the hype and are definitely worth the grind to get to them, while highlighting six that probably should've gone back to the drawing board before they were dumped into the game and left for us to deal with.

25 EPIC: Kalydonian Boar

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This is probably the first quest from the "Goddess' Hunt" quest line you'll be taking on, and considering that line of quests features a hefty seven mythical boss creatures, we're gonna be seeing a lot of them. Seek out Daphnae at the Temple of Artemis in Phokis to get started on your hunt.

All in all, this can be a pretty challenging fight if you aren't completely overpowered for it.

Boars have a lot of stunning, knock down type attacks, to begin with, and considering this beast will be more than happy to summon a few helpers periodically throughout the fight, it's easy to find yourself hemmed in by them. So make sure to keep your distance and do your damage when the window is wide open!

24 EPIC: The Monger

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The Monger's a big, sadistic brute of a man you might've brushed shoulders with when you first infiltrated the Cult of Kosmos to see just what it was they were up to. His voice and absolutely foul mouth give him away a bit. Or maybe more than a bit. Either way, he's pretty hard to forget.

You'll face him at the end of the "Land of the Lawless" leg of the main quest line, and you'll be faced with a choice when it comes to dealing with him by two opposing parties. One will wish it done in public for all to see, the other prefers a quiet method. This choice has the potential to alter your story's ending, so put some thought into it before going after him.

23 EPIC: Brontes, The Thunderer

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The Cyclops is one of the four mythical beasts you're going to need to take on to achieve the "Atlantis" ending for your Odyssey, and this fight is definitely one for the books. First, you'll need to complete the "God Among Men" side quest on Kythera island, south from Lakonia. After a few errands are done, you'll be directed back to a tiny island just east from Kephallonia, you likely encountered it incredibly early on in the game.

It just so happens that tiny island is host to a big, big cyclops.

And he's not too happy to see you. Mind your dodges, watch for his area of effect stomping attack, and be mindful when he powers up with a club at 50% of his health.

22 LAME: Swordfish

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The strangely titled Swordfish is a Kosmos cultist that you'll need to face down if you're wanting to take on the minotaur. He's the objective of the "Blood in the Water" quest, which itself is a supporting quest for "Of Minotaurs and Men." To get started, just look for a particular chest at Knossos Palace, in Messara.

You'll have to do a bit of investigation to get to him, but it won't take long nor be difficult, apart from out-swimming a few sharks. The fight itself is a bit of a letdown, requiring no special tactics or skills. Though it will at least pave the way towards a more satisfying encounter. After you've put the maddened cultist out of his misery, you're free to proceed with just that.

21 EPIC: The Hind Of Keryneia

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Continuing along with the Goddess' Hunt quests, you'll find the Hind of Keryneia on the island of Euboea. As with most of the creatures on this line of quests, gird yourself for an extended battle with a fast-moving opponent.

The Hind's biggest point of strength is its antlers, with which it releases sweeping frontal attacks that can be difficult to dodge. Try rolling into and past them, allowing you to flank him and get in some good, safe hits before retreating to safety and repeating the pattern.

20 EPIC: The Minotaur

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He's big, he's mean, he may or may not sometimes go "moo." He's the Minotaur, and he's easily one of the bigger action set pieces in the game. You'll start on your quest to face him by encountering Ardos during "Of Minotaurs And Men" in Knossos Palace on Messara, and then following that line of questing until you wind up at "He Waits."

After all that is done and you've emerged from the labyrinth to face him, be ready for a big, big fight. Just keep on your toes with the dodging, as he tends to give you plenty of warning he's winding up for a strike.

19 EPIC: Klaudios, King Of Bandits

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Klaudios is the first of several arena battles you can begin tackling somewhere past level twenty. You'll get the associated quest to check out the arena pretty early on in the game, but it's located all the way across the map, in Pephka, in the southeastern corner.

Simply choose Klaudios as your opponent and you'll head in to take him on, to the roar of the gathered crowd. You'll face several waves of bandits before taking him on, with poison damage being a concern during nearly every wave. Just dodge steadily and avoid any green-tinted weapons at all costs.

18 LAME: The Black Wind

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The Black Wind is the first of the legendary ships to hit the game after release, giving fans of the naval gameplay something a bit more involved to do apart from endlessly shooting down random boats and sail from point to point as needed. All you need to do is locate the attached quest on your ship's bounty board.

While snagging up a cool legendary skin for your boat is pretty neat, it doesn't really offer much that's different in terms of actual mechanics or gameplay, it's just a slightly tougher ship to sink. All in all, it's a pretty low effort inclusion aimed specifically at trying to keep players roped into the game as interest begins to wane.

17 EPIC: The Nemean Lion

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Channel your inner Hercules before you head out to hunt this one down, because you'll need all the strength that you can muster. This lion's lounging around the southern portion of Argolis, just waiting for you to come take a swipe.

If you're savvy enough and good with a bow, it pays dividends to take out his attendant lionesses before going in for the main course. Thankfully, there's not much out of the ordinary here if you've already fought a few lions. Less than thankfully, he's just as wily and hits a lot harder than they do.

16 EPIC: Belos, The Beast Of Sparta

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Belos is the next arena challenger you'll want to take on after Klaudios, though he also doubles as a Kosmos cultist, so the stakes are just a little higher for this particular gladiatorial bout.

As usual, you'll be taking down several waves of normal enemies before the man himself hits the stage. Belos is a big brute, and as such he's prone to using tons of unblockable heavy hitters that can't be interrupted. To top it off he's lugging a shield around, but force him to ditch it with the Shield Breaker attack early on in the fight to make things a little easier.

15 EPIC: Medusa

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Yep, that's ol' snake hair herself. And it looks like you're next up to become a statue. Unless, y'know, you manage to knock her over. You'll start the line of quests to confront her on the island of Lesbos. Look for one titled "Romancing the Stone Garden," and lend Bryce a helping hand.

When you're finally in position to fight her, be extremely mindful of her ranged attacks, particularly the petrifying beam she'll emit. Thankfully, there are loads of pillars you can use to break contact between it and yourself to avoid being petrified. You can also use her stone minions as barriers.

14 LAME: Elpenor

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Elpenor was initially a pretty interesting character. You always got the feeling he knew more than he let on, he was mysterious and vaguely hostile. And once you caught wind of his true colors, you were entirely ready for the opportunity to take this smug double agent down a few pegs.

Unfortunately, that final, concluding encounter with him was actually pretty lame.

There's no trick to this one, as he's pretty much just a peg for you to hammer in before you progress any further in the story.

13 EPIC: Evanthe, The Huntress

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Next up on the arena roster is Evanthe, and you'll be taking down Daughters of Artemis as wave enemies before you actually get to take her on. They come with the full kit, animal companions and all.

Just like her sisters, Evanthe brings a pet to the fight.

She'll also set her weapon on fire in an attempt to immolate you for some damage over time, but your first priority should be getting her companion out of the way so you can focus on her alone.

12 EPIC: The Kretan Bull

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If you've fought the minotaur, it may be time for you to take on his daddy. Or maybe you're going after him first, who knows? Mercenaries can be a wily and rather unpredictable lot. Obviously, having the Goddess' Hunt quest from Daphnae makes this one a little easier to track down.

Anyway, poke around southern Messara if you're looking to give him a go. Avoid his powerful charges, and attack from the side flanks as attacking from the rear can subject you to a powerful and painful kick.

11 EPIC: The Lykaon Wolf

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The Lykaon wolf stalks the southeastern region of Lakonia, and he's got more than a few friends in tow for the hunt.

While you may be tempted to focus on the big bad for this battle, try to divert some of your attention to his minions.

This battle can be a numbers game, as the Lykaon Wolf will take every opportunity to summon more of his buddies to help him out. Try to keep the pack thinned as often as you can, because they'll stack up quicker than you expect.

10 LAME: The Tyrant

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The Tyrant continues in the same tradition as the Black Wind content, it's a simple bounty quest obtainable from your bounty board. Afterwards, you just sail to the marked point on your map and give this legendary ship a few good flaming arrows.

As you might expect, it doesn't do much that's different from the last legendary ship entry apart from giving you a cool new skin for your boat. Really, making the ship's captain unique and a bit of a boss fight after boarding could've gone a long way towards making these aftermarket additions a little more enticing.

9 EPIC: The Krokottas Hyena

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This Hyena is the highest level beast that is on the Daughters of Artemis hit list, and while that doesn't make it the most difficult fight involved there, it certainly is still one you'll need to keep up with.

The Hyena is fast, and can cover great distances with a single bound.

Really, the only issue you should have with this one is staying on target and landing your hits fast enough. Opting for a weapon with a fast move set and keeping your enemy close should help to keep you on track, though.

8 EPIC: Titos, Rock Of Athens

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Sparta's got the Beast, and Athens has got the Rock. And if you can smell what he's... actually, you know what? We're not going to make that joke. We're better than that. As with the other arena combatants, you need only travel to Pephka and select him as your next opponent.

He is level 43 though, so keep that in mind before you gear up for the challenge.

Though a fairly typical opponent, he'll put up stiff resistance once you've finished with his waves of cronies. Be wary of firebombs, and make sure to relieve him of his shield early on in the fight to tip the scales.

7 EPIC: Erymanthian Boar

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Here we are with boar number two, though this one packs a much harder punch than his cousin did, being many levels tougher. On the bright side, this piggy won't be summoning friends to help him out of the bind you're about to put him in. Or try to, anyway.

This guy makes up for, and perhaps explains his lack of friends in a way that's hard not to have a chuckle at, as he'll quite literally pass gas from time to time in a bid to stack up some poison damage to take you out of the fight. So, yeah, avoid that one, if it wasn't obvious up front.

6 LAME: Damais The Indifferent (Epic Mercenary)

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Ubisoft's long-awaited first legendary mercenary was added to the game not too long ago, and being honest, he falls a little flat. Sure, it's always nice to pick up some extra orichalcum, but apart from that it's just another track, hunt, and defeat routine that doesn't offer anything interesting in terms of risk or reward besides said orichalcum.

We can keep our fingers crossed hoping for a decent follow up to this, but while Ubisoft's continued support of the game is great, it doesn't seem like they're receiving the acclaim they're after for these efforts.

5 EPIC: The Sphinx

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You might want to argue that the Sphinx isn't really a true boss fight. And I don't doubt that there are many folks who would agree with you, but I would argue that's what makes him brilliant. The lead up to him really makes it feel like you're about to go sword to talon with another mythical beast.

And then you're presented with not a test of strength, but a test of wits.

You'll get the opportunity to face the riddles once you've discovered Atlantis and had a word or two with your real daddy, being given the quest "Lore of the Sphinx." After that just hunt down the Strange Ruins in Boeotia and prepare for some mental gymnastics. Or just look up the answers. I mean, Google is a thing.

4 EPIC: Vasilis, King of the Arena

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Vasilis is one of your final opponents in the arena, and he's definitely a mighty foe, being level fifty and packing some mean tricks. As usual, fights your way through the first few waves, staying wary of the arena hazards, or using them to your advantage. Sparta Kick goes a long way in that department.

Afterward, he'll roll onto the scene ready to dispense some hurt. Keep an eye out for his uninterruptible attacks, mind your attack windows and keep a healthy distance from the arena hazards and you'll emerge with a solid pile of drachmae.

3 EPIC: Exekias the Legend

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The top of the mercenary food chain, before more started being added to the game, was Exekias the Legend, and he was honestly a bit more rewarding and compelling than those that are still rolling in.

I mean, just look at that crazy skull helmet.

Of course, the fact that he's rolling around with one of the best legendary maces in the game also helps to make him a more attractive prospect. He's locked at level fifty, so you've got a ways to go before you can go toe to toe with him. Oh, did we mention that he's also a cultist?

2 LAME: Steropes, The Lightning Bringer

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"Hold the phone," you might be saying. "One of the lamest boss encounters is with a gigantic cyclops? Are you crazy?" Well, yes. And yes, sometimes. But I don't think I'm too crazy for arriving at this conclusion, considering the uproar among the player base over this one.

Ubisoft hyped this piece of free, additional content as another epic mythical encounter.

And what we got was pretty much a slightly different version of a boss fight that already existed in the game.

1 EPIC: Deimos

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Well, this is the final boss fight of the game, and will entirely change the tone of your ending if you should decide the only appropriate course of action is to cross blades with your demigod sibling.

This encounter necessitates what most call the "bad" ending, as the fight itself is entirely optional. You can complete the game without it.

However, if you're gunning for that final, epic encounter, then you can have it. Deimos has a boat's worth of health, and is full of area of effect attacks as well as attacks that result in an unbreakable chain of hits if they should happen to land.

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