Assassin’s Creed: 24 Things Even Super Fans Didn't Realize About Ezio

Assassin’s Creed and Ezio Auditore will be the focus today! Ezio Auditore has a rich and intricate history that really seems to stem from the world around him. He is a direct reflection of good in a world of bad like most of the other assassins throughout the series. He wants to do well and promote a change that's needed throughout the world he lives in. But he wouldn't be able to do that without protecting the people around him and the people he loves most.

Ezio makes a difference by pushing himself to do better and while it can sometimes be a struggle in the game, he overcomes whatever is in his way morally. In this article, we’ll be exploring many different facts and aspects as to how Ezio is the way he is; it should be interesting, especially if you haven't played the games in a long time.

It's time to catch up, and who knows, you might even want to pick up a controller by the time you finish this article. After so many years it can be easy to disregard a game like this, even though it's one of the best games on the market. So we hope you enjoy learning so much more about this amazing character and how he develops over time into a hero we wish we had in the real world. We want to hear from you as well: what were some of your own favorite things about this character?

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24 A Similar Origin

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Ezio and Altair both have very similar meanings when it comes to their names which isn’t something most people tend to pick up on. In fact, their names are both related to flight and birds, which stands out because of the eagle that always tends to lead the player in many different ways as they make their way through the game. Their similar origin does make sense since they are related even though it’s hundreds of years apart. Maybe we’ll find more similarities with the others in the series as well?

23 A Connection To Flight

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Like we mentioned above, Ezio and his name actually mean eagle, a direct translation that could mean many things. It could mean that Ezio is light like a feather and the way he moves as a slayer, or it could just be a connection between the eagle that guides him. This could mean so much more, because we don’t doubt that so much historical research went into these games, especially the Ezio trilogy we all know and love after all of these years.

22 Speaking A Bit Of French

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It is possible that Ezio does actually speak a bit of French in Brotherhood. This is actually very unexpected when you play through the rest of the game, since there aren’t many other indications that he actually knows a bit of the language. While his French might not be perfect, it is interesting to see this character we know and love develop in a way that’s quick and refreshing, realistic almost as some people would say. It’s quite amazing for a game so early on in the series.

21 Funny Puns Here And There

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Not only is it exposed that Ezio might know a little bit of French, but it’s also important to remember that he really knows how to have a sense of humor that’s very easy to catch within the game dialogue as well. Next time you play through the game try to keep your subtitles on so you can catch all the small remarks he makes.

You might even find him breaking the fourth wall!

He might even crack you up a bit yourself if you aren’t paying attention.

20 The Difference Of Cape

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Ezio’s cape always seemed to stand out more than other main characters in the game series. Well, maybe we should say his lack of cape. He only actually wore a cape until Masyaf captured him, who was a Templar. The only other time he wears a cape is when he wears the hardest armor to get in the game. While this might not be something of meaning by any means, but is interesting to wonder why exactly they designed him in this way when it’s unlike most of the other games in the early series. Maybe they were just trying something different.

19 His Robe Colors Vary

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Not only is his cape a completely different design when it comes to his memorable silhouette, but he also doesn’t wear the classic robe he wore in previous games within the three-part series dedicated to him within the larger game series. He actually has a default colored robe that he starts off with and he can later unlock the classic white robe after a bit of gameplay and sinking some hours into the game as a whole. Once again, maybe they were just doing something different, or maybe not, we might never know the truth.

18 A Guest Fighter In A Different Game

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One little odd fact that some people might not realize is that Ezio actually appears in a different game franchise in a game called Soul Calibur V, which is a fighting game that really allows him to use his skills he normally has.

Why Soul Calibur?

Maybe future characters from the series we know and love will appear in other universes moving forward, but we are a bit disappointed it hasn’t happened since. We can only hope they realize it was a good idea.

17 Even A Matching Story

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When Ezio was a guest fighter in Soul Calibur V, he even actually had a matching story that really was basically the same story we come across in Assassin’s Creed. You would think that they would expand and provide more details instead of highlighting the exact same story but that was never the case when he made his appearance. Like we mentioned above, if they ever do this kind of collab again maybe they would try different methods to make it come across better in the future.

16 One Of The Most In-Depth

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Some might argue that Ezio happens to be one of the most complicated and in-depth characters to ever exist in the gaming industry. While he might be a bit older and his games aren’t as played as much as they once were, it is interesting to see how much of an impact he not only had on the fans who loved the game, but also in the game development for future games in the industry, especially the series. He basically set the standard for all future games in the series.

15 His Hate Of The Templars

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It's not a surprise that assassins like Ezio really despise the Templars, it's pretty much common knowledge.

We can’t blame him for the hate he had towards those who wanted to get rid of his people that he protected with his life.

With all the hate that is spread from the Templars, it's no surprise that he hates them all, but that also makes him much more relatable as a character because of his passion and drive to protect those he cares about.

14 How That Affects The Others

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There are many different things that affect the assassins in the series, such as their family hardships and the toxic society because if the Templars. But when it comes to Ezio, he has many relatable qualities especially with the torment he has faced. Which is probably why he's been featured in the most games, because he is so relatable as a person and helps others get through the issues they're facing even if he's fictional. Let’s hope they bring him back.

13 Wanting To Solve All The Problems

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Ezio was a problem solver and he made that very clear as often as he could throughout the game. He often was seen as one of the most intelligent assassins because he goes out of his way to showcase his smarts not just brute strength. Some assassins in the games really focus on how much damage they can cause, but Ezio really does value knowledge and outs it to use. It would be nice to see this kind of trend in the future games in the series.

12 The Complex Animus In His Life

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Of course if you've ever played any of the Assassin’s Creed games you know that the animus will really take a toll on the individuals who will be connecting to their anniversary. With how intense the process is and how often Ezio was in the series, it usually comes as a very intense issue that affects health and pretty much everything else in their life, even how they move, which is exactly what happened to the individual in this series.

11 Being One Of The Most Memorable Characters

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Not only has he been in the most games in the series, but he’s also been the most developed, probably because he’s been around the longest.

His memory in the series will never go away, he’s made an impact even as a fictional character.

But we do love the fact that he’s been able to really connect with the players in the way he has. He has meant a lot to many people in the fanbase who have played since the beginning.

10 His Unique History And Story Line

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Like we mentioned above, Ezio has a very long story line that has connected with many people that often have related to personal aspects of their life because if the detailed parallels that are within the game. This has been a standard setting difference in the gaming community that has even affected games we see coming out now in the modern day. It's amazing how games that Ezio has been in, how they've affected the industry since then as well.

9 What He Discovers About Abstergo

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Abstergo is a tricky and very evil company that can be applied to many companies we see today, which is a big reason why this game means a lot to some of the fans because of these unique parallels. Abstergo is often seen as this perfect company that embraces the future and without spoiling everything behind this company we’re going to just say that their not as nice as they seem from the outside. But we do admit it makes a great game.

8 His Unique Hidden Blade

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One of the most memorable moves that Ezio takes advantage of is the fact that he, like all the other assassins, have a hidden blade on the wrist that they can use to attack. His blade is what sets him apart and within the lore he often refers to the hidden blade as almost a rite of passage. He uses his blade as a way to take care of those who are corrupt in society and often treat the community in evil ways.

7 His Movement & Damage Skills

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Ezio, just like the other assassins in the series, happens to be known for their immense skill and abilities when it comes to freerunning or also known as parkour.

He was also regarded as one of the best assassins in the series because of his skill and how it came off as pure power.

Even if he’s in a city he can get on top of a building in seconds and he can pinpoint anyone in a crowd no matter where he is, talk about impressive!

6 The Pieces Of Eden

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Just like we’ll go into more detail below, there were artifacts n the game known as Pieces of Eden. These very valuable artifacts were found all over the world and were being hunted down by the Templars. But the assassins also wanted to take hold of these objects to do better in the world, to promote good and positive intentions for the benefit of all of those in society. There were also apples of Eden that could hold a ton of power. This has often confused many fans who haven’t tuned into the lore aspect of this series, which is very rich and detailed.

5 Avenging His Family

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In every assassin story, it’s common for one of the themes to be avenging their family or loved ones, it typically is a very sad moment and can often result in an assassin going above and beyond and messing with fate to a point where it’s no longer with pure intentions.

Ezio would do anything for his family, how could you not love that kind of passion?

While we see Ezio struggle with this to a degree, his character grew and was much stronger by the end of the series, even though not everything went his way.

4 Restoring The Ottoman Order

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Finding the Pieces of Eden was a big theme in the game. Ezio often would risk his life to find these shards that would hopefully bring peace to the world. But it could be easily imagined that this was instead a neutral force that could have been used for good or evil; it would be up to those who were in control of the Eden. Which is why we’re glad that Ezio risked everything for it, even if that meant changing history to make things work for the better.

3 Of Course, Juno

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Juno was almost seen as a god, and while there isn't much about how she's involved in the game, it does affect the character Desmond Miles who is in the modern day and is the one connecting to his ancestors like Ezio. She often is seen as dangerous and would often get in the middle of progress the main characters would make. It was also noted that Juno had ulterior motives that weren’t exactly discussed to the fullest in the actual game, but we can all assume that they weren’t good.

2 He’s One Of The Most Recognizable

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During the second installment of the series, it was obvious that Ezio was one of the most recognizable characters in the series so far. Not only that but he continued to be one of the most recognizable moving forward as well.

Ezio knew how to stand out from all the rest around him.

We could easily see him coming back to the series later on in the the future, and if he does, count us in for sure! We’ll be playing it non-stop.

1 He Grows The Most Throughout The Story

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Not only is Ezio one of the most memorable characters in the series, but he’s also one of the most growth-filled characters as well. He’s very strong when it comes to his personality and how honorable he really is. He constantly pushes what it means for his morals and ethics as you play him throughout the game. Not to mention, he is one of the most memorable because we’re able to sympathize with him the most out of any of the other assassins in the series. That should say something about him!

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