The 15 Best Things About Assassin’s Creed Odyssey (And The 15 Worst)

If you are wondering if you are experiencing Deja vu, we are here to tell you that absolutely are not. Yes, another Assassin’s Creed has made its way to physical and online gaming stores. Assassin’s Creed Origins was an attempt to restart the franchise in a fresh new way, and according to the reviews and measures of most, it did just that. It told the story of the first assassin and seemed to pave the way for some exciting narratives. So, it makes sense for fans to be a bit surprised when Assassin’s Creed Odyssey was announced. This game would be set in ancient Greece, happening at a time that occurred before Origins.

We have had the fantasy, and mythical elements of ancient Greece laid out in front of us in the form of the original God of War franchise. However, most gamers have not experienced a game this expansive that strives to be historically accurate. The setting puts you right in the middle of the conflict between the Athenians and the Spartans as the child of a famed king. Ubisoft developers have worked to produce one of the most in-depth historical open world experiences in gaming. While many are excited about this new chapter in the Assassin’s Creed universe, many are also wondering how this ties into the overall story. Will this game be stellar or a step into the wrong direction? Check out our list of 15 ways Assassin’s Creed Odyssey excels, and 15 ways it falls short.

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30 Worst: Too Much Of The Same?

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Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey, much like it’s Egyptian counterpart from a year ago, is also set during an ancient time (even before the one last year). However, those are not where the similarities end.

Considering how good Origins was, is this a bad things?

The setting looks similar, the font used in the game is the same, and the protagonist also uses a bird to scout enemies and items. We also get a look at some similar geography and topography (which is not necessarily the fault of the developers, but still worth nothing). Is it too much of the same too soon?

29 Best: You Can Choose Who You Play As

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You get the opportunity to choose whom you want to play as, and this time it is not just about the boy’s club. You can play as Alexios or Kassandra. This step is pretty cool because it gives players the opportunity to feel like they have some choice in the matter of what their character looks like, and how they move throughout the game. Plus, it is nice to see a viable lead female character option for those who want a bit more gender equality in gaming.

28 Worst: Combat Is A Bit More Simplified

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This may depend on preference, but it is likely safe to assume that most seasoned Assassin’s Creed players like a little strategy mixed into their combat. While Odyssey does a great job of providing variety in a lot of different ways, combat is lacking.

The one area where variety absolutely cannot lack.

Trigger buttons can perform melee attacks, and a lot of the combat depends on timed attacks. After a while, it might start to feel repetitive. For a game that is heralded for its open world and creativity, a poor combat system is a big turn-off.

27 Stealth Is The Best It Has Ever Been

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One of the most satisfying elements of any Assassin’s Creed game is its frequent use of stealth. Odyssey’s stealth moments play like a strategic puzzle. This is part of the fun, as it gives players the opportunity to not only burst through defenses but think before they do. From the free-climbing technique to bow-and-arrow headshots, there are multiple ways for players to take care of enemies in stealth. The unlockable abilities really set this part of the game off to something players will enjoy.

26 Worst: Takes Away The Importance Of Origins

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Origins was supposed to be a real return to form of Assassin’s Creed. In a sense, Origins was a reboot as it was supposed to be the story of how the Templar formed, as well as tell the story of how the “earliest,” assassin came to be. The story made sense and was a refreshing turn for Ubisoft to redefine a franchise that was seemingly on its last leg as far as relevance.

Honestly, how many times should we see a hooded guy lurking through Old World Europe?

Now, we have a story that is even earlier than Origins. Are these individuals assassins? Is this a side story that has no connection? How does this also fit into the significance of Origins, since it should be the first game chronologically as far as its importance to the Templars? Odyssey’s existence does not make sense.

25 Best: Participate In One Of the Most Epic Feuds In History

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In Odyssey, we get the opportunity to participate in history. At the height of the feud between Athens and Sparta, your character has the chance to fight against and unsettle the ranks of rival leaders. Athens and Sparta were not the best of friends as they fought another in the Peloponnesian War. Odyssey allows you to participate in the events that impacted this feud. You will have the power to have a hand in historical events. This is always true in Assassin’s Creed, but considering how much hype is still surrounding media that includes portrayals of ancient Greece, this is especially unique and special.

24 Worst: The Voice Acting Could Use Some Work

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Unfortunately, developers cannot do it all. Every studio has an Achilles heel (no pun intended). It seems to be that voice acting is the drawback of this game. The voicing for most of the characters is not consistent. Some sound as if they were born in Greece, while others do not sound as if they are.

Maybe they should have “subbed” instead of “dubbed.”

Kassandra is the most consistent character as far as voicing and acting. The other main characters could definitely use some work. Poor voice acting can take any gamer right out of the element of the game, and unfortunately, players will have to overlook some stodgy voice work.

23 Best: You Will Love The Spartan Kick

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Everyone can remember what they felt when they saw King Leonidas send that Persian to his death with a merciless kick off the platform. It may be one of the most famous combat moments in a film of all time. Other games have borrowed this move, but no one seems to have done it justice like Odyssey. A reviewer on IGN stated that he used the Spartan Kick more than any other combat move in the game. It is useful and an excellent reminder of another powerful moment in pop culture.

22 Worst: Meaningless Missions

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Before you get to that coveted Spartan Kick, you are going to have to do a lot to move the story along. While this game does have some excellent story-driven moments (which we will go into in the next entry), the game makes you pay for them. That 60-hour game time is not for nothing; it is filled with much content.

“Busy work” is not cool in school and it definitely isn’t here either.

You will have to find relics, search for information to make the less important present-day story move along, and fight enemies that may not be important to the overall story. While there is nothing wrong with side missions, something is annoying about having to participate in duties that feel like busy work.

21 Best: The Story Is A Breath Of Fresh Air

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Assassin’s Creed has always been about the Templars versus Assassins. While this has carried the franchise forward, there are times where this plot device can get a little tired. Odyssey breathes some new life into the plotline of the franchise by focusing on straightforward family drama. Without spoiling the actual storyline, there are a lot of moments of authentic emotion where you are encouraged to care about all of those involved. So, even though the game does have moments of meaningless missions, the storyline makes it worth while.

20 Worst: It's Too Long For Its Own Good

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Now, this could be a pro depending on how you feel about gameplay. However, like many other games, if the game is too long, it can contribute to repetitive gameplay and a plot that seems to contradict itself.

Typically shows deal with this problem, especially a recent one about “walkers.”

The longer the game, the more chances it has to mess up the original intent of the story. According to IGN, this game has over 60 hours worth of material. You might want to think about using some annual leave from work to get through this game.

19 Best: Enjoy Some Breathtaking Beauty

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If you are not into museums, but still want to enjoy some “ancient art,” Odyssey is definitely something you want to check out. The vibrancy of the blue skies, the freakish realism of the Aegean sea, and the ultra-historic architecture are enough to make you want to zone out and enjoy this game. The graphics in Odyssey are breathtaking, and it makes you feel as if you are right in the middle of ancient Greece’s most intense conflict. Assassin’s Creed always does an excellent job of pulling you in, but it looks as if the developers of Odyssey have taken it up a notch.

18 Worst: Losing Your Loot

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Nothing is more irritating then noticing an excellent item, imagining the many ways you could use it, and then not being able to reach it due to a gaming glitch. This situation has been known to happen with Odyssey.

Once is understandable, but anything more is an unacceptable.

Players might find themselves locating an item, and then, because of the topography of the game, they cannot grab the what they saw. This is a huge issue and something that can derail any gaming session. Hopefully, Ubisoft can fix this while the release of the game is still new.

17 Best: A Superb Animation Experience

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One of the coolest things happens when developers nail a character’s animation. You have the opportunity to see the emotions of a scene right on their face. You do not have to hear them speak to know that they are thinking and what they feel. This makes the scene all the more realistic and intriguing. Some games try, but few succeed in really making characters come to life. The developers at Ubisoft seem to have knocked this part out of the water. The furrow of a brow, the upturn of a half-smile, or an intense frown is subtle enough to move the story along.

16 Worst: A Terrible Save Glitch

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While this may be the last mention of a glitch on this list, it is indeed the most problematic. A Digital Trends reviewer noticed that after he finished a mission, died shortly after, and then came back to the point where he saved; the progress was not saved. The automatic save feature is unstable.

Maybe it can be fixed with an in-game purchase?

So, players will likely have to manually save the game as a backup to ensure they do not lose substantial progress. This situation is a massive bummer to those who rely on automatic saves.

15 Best: Make Choices That Mean Something

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As mentioned above, this game does play like an RPG. While this may not be everyone’s cup of tea, there are some intriguing aspects gamers will likely enjoy. Players can choose how the protagonist develops. He or she can be a mighty warrior, compassionate hero, or someone in between. Also, even the littlest decision can come back to haunt you. For instance, in IGN’s review, the reviewer remembered that he forgot to hide the bodies of soldiers he had eliminated. As a result, as he moved through missions, rival groups were more alert to his presence and brought larger groups of enemies with him. It made storyline missions all the more challenging. This scenario is just one example of how intelligent the AI of this game is.

14 Worst: Leaves Behind The Original Intent Of Assassin’s Creed

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Kotaku had an interesting way of describing Odyssey’s use of story in this game. They used the word “buffet.” While choice can be great, trying to accommodate too many story interests will ultimately leave many unsatisfied.

What they say is true, “you can’t please ‘em all.”

Players can hunt down the true identities of the Cult of Kosmos, collect artifacts that move along the present-day narrative or participate in the family and historical drama. There are times where the game does not want to feel like a real Assassin’s Creed game. Because of this, the true personality of the game feels lost.

13 Best: Enjoy Insane Conquest Battles

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Okay, so while the mechanics of combat may be a little lacking, the setting makes up for it. If you are a fan of 300-type epic battles that cover a large area, then the simple hack-and-slash mechanics work in your favorite in this context. Odyssey introduces large-scale battles for you to fight for the ownership of territory. It is brutal, engaging, and just downright fun. Repetitive gaming mechanics are just what this part of the game calls for.

12 Worst: Game Altering Bugs

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While this game is beautiful and expansive, these perks come at a cost. The large scale of the game brings with it some awful glitches. One reviewer at Kotaku responded that they skipped a trigger volume to a cutscene with an important character.

Did these developers create this for a game jam or for the masses?

If they had not had the opportunity to resave ahead of time, they would have been stuck in Athens unable to progress because they would not have been able to find the character. These are the types of things that make gamers pull their hair out, and rightfully so.

11 Best: The Side Quests Do Have Meaningful Elements

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While some side quests are mundane and repetitive, many are very meaningful to the story and reveal how in-depth the game is willing to go when it comes to highlighting the splendor of ancient Greece. Many of the side quests require players to answer serious questions of morality, and they address issues such as gender equality, sexuality, and justice. You can defend a woman on trial on the steps of the courthouse or help an older woman regain her confidence. While the story is dense with meaning, side quests also bring this home.

10 Worst: Too Many Technical Interruptions And Limitations

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Again, this game size contributed to a lot of lingering problems. Load times between deaths and cutscenes can be very long, and the game may stop and buffer at random times which takes players right out of the immersive world of the game.

What is this? Netflix?

It also takes a long time to embody Ikaros, Alexios’ or Kassandra's pet eagle. When you are in the middle of solving a mission or trying to reach the next part of the story, this can become incredibly tiresome and annoying.

9 Worst: A Bit Of Shift In Genre

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While this may depend on your own personal feelings about a particular game style, typically, a shift from one gaming genre to another is unwelcomed by long-time fans. Odyssey is following in the footsteps of Origins in moving more toward an RPG-style game.

Umm, can we get Odyssey in a Legend of Zelda style, please?

Here, players have multiple dialogues to choose from, multiple endings, and other RPG-type elements Assassin’s Creed. has always been an action adventure, and these elements seem to be moving the game away from this.

8 Best: Play As The Son Or Daughter Of A Warrior

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We don’t blame you for perking up when you heard the name “Leonidas.” Yes, you are playing as the child of King Leonidas, the famed warrior that is associated with the 300 Spartans that stood against the Persian armies. You have the opportunity to get revenge on enemies that have wronged your family. That in and of itself is pretty motivating to pick this game up.

7 Worst: It Was Developed During The Same Time As Origins

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Odyssey and Origins were developed simultaneously. This fact could explain the reason why both seem similar, but it also could be responsible for another glaring problem. Because these games were created at the same time, the developers did not have the time to implement suggestions or criticisms from Origins into Odyssey.

That’s like working on the homework for this chapter and next chapter simultaneously and getting both hideously wrong.

So, players are likely playing a game with the same issues like the one before it because the developers did not have enough lead time to set Odyssey apart from last year’s Origins. This situation could certainly be a missed opportunity to move Odyssey forward.

6 Best: Engage In Realistic Naval Battles

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Much like Blackflag, players can participate in awesome water battles on ships. Combat doesn’t just take place on land anymore, players have a variety of ways they can take on and eliminate enemies, and this includes ancient wooden boats. Not only, can gamers have their fun on the high seas in battles, they can also recruit citizens and defeated enemies to join their group. It gives off a bit of a "pirate-vibe" that is refreshing and unique within this story.

5 Best: It Was Inspired By One Of The Best RPG Games Of All Time

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Many are saying that Odyssey has followed in the footsteps of the universally-acclaimed The Witcher 3. From the freedom the player is given to make their own choices to the multiple endings and massive RPG-themed gameplay, gamers feel they have gotten the best of both worlds in this installment. Many fans have a soft spot for The Witcher franchise, and Odyssey’s tendency to borrow elements from this game is a promising quality. Imitation is flattery, but this may lead to a new renaissance for Assassin’s Creed moving forward.

4 Worst: A New Development Team

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The same team that handled Origins are not developing Odyssey. Ubisoft Montreal developed Origins while Ubisoft Quebec is handling Odyssey. The issue here is that while the graphics and gameplay mechanics may be the same, Ubisoft Quebec is likely unable to nail the innovation and character development that Montreal did to knock it out of the park with Origins.

So, there is a chance we should be worried.

While the two teams are with the same company, it is likely that the continuity of Odyssey will suffer as a result.

3 Best: You Won’t Have To Pay For Everything

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Everyone knows that Ubisoft doesn’t hesitate to go a little overboard with the in-game purchases; however, it looks as if they learned from Origins and are giving players a lot more to engage in for free. Players can participate in free story-driven quests known as, The Lost Tales of Greece. Players can even acquire free ships and participate in weekly battles with mythological creatures. So, while there will be times where players will have to shell out some cash, there will be times when they can engage in some free gameplay.

2 Worst: Throw Down Over $200 For The Pantheon Edition

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As long as video game studios know they can charge an arm and a leg for new games, they will take that as far as they can. Most new games have a deluxe version that is more expensive than the game by itself. This is to be expected, but this might be one of the most costly versions of a game this year. Odyssey has a “Pantheon Edition,” priced at $219.

You might want to have a back-up gift on your Christmas list this year.

It includes action figures, a game map, the official soundtrack, access to secret missions, an artbook, a steelbook, and a gold version of the game. These are great additions to the experience, but these are pretty costly, and everyone may not have enough to enjoy these extras, especially if the game map of secret missions in this bundle lead to significant plot points of the game.

1 Best: The Ratings Are Pretty Solid

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Games like God of War, Spiderman PS4, and even Origins had to deal with the overhype. They were given such “out-of-the-park” ratings before release that the games had a lot to live up to. It was possible that expectations were so high that gamers were ultimately made to become disappointed in something. This scenario is not the case with Odyssey. While IGN has this game as a nine out of ten, Gamespot and Digital Trends gave it an eight and six respectively. Also, because of its proximity to Origins, it is likely that expectations will be low. Therefore, it is expected that the game will defy expectations to give players a worthwhile experience.

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