Assassin’s Creed Odyssey: The 10 Best And 10 Most Useless Weapons

Assassins Creed Odyssey has been out for around four months now, and the game is still maintaining its relevancy. Now that might be in part because the game is genuinely massive; the map is huge and between the conquest battles, side missions, and the main storyline, it took a bit of time before the fans were able to dissect everything. But now that months have passed, I think it's safe to say that the game has been fully inspected and everything is now available for anyone to see. We now know what all the legendary weapons are, what they do, and where to get them, but what are the legendary weapons you ask? Well basically, Assassin's Creed Odyssey uses a very similar combat system to the one in AC Origins, where players can pick which weapon they'd like to use.

There are swords, spears, daggers, bows, staffs, and heavy weapons, and among all of these different types, there are the best of the best that truly out-do the rest. These weapons tend to predictably be named after legendary Greek heroes or deities and have some unique perks. Now, what else is there to do but rank each of these video game weapons in an incredibly detailed, almost obsessive manner? I can't think of anything else I'd rather do with my time, truly. But keep in mind, I did try and include every type of weapon in this list as much as possible, but some have more legendary variants than others. For example, we're rolling in spears, but there are only a couple of staffs. Tons of swords but not enough daggers. It's a flaw in Ubisoft's system for sure. In any case, let's not waste any more time and hop right into it with Assassin’s Creed Odyssey: The 10 Best And 10 Most Useless Weapons.

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20 Best: Nikolaos' Sword

via: gamewith.net

For the first entry on this list, let's start with something most players will get pretty early, Nikolaos's Sword. It's the reward for a story mission relatively soon after the game fully starts and it buffs one of the most hilarious moves in the game, The Spartan Kick.

It's most likely the one you saw in GIFs online where people would kick enemies off cliffsides or into giant pits. Anyway, the sword looks great, it isn't anything too fantastical, which I honestly prefer, but overall, it was a fantastic choice to make available early on, and it can easily last until endgame.

19 Worst: Athena's Spear

via: gamewith.net

So, there are a number of “niche” legendary weapons in Assassin's Creed Odyssey. Ones that buff specific skills, ones that buff animals, and then there's Athena's Spear that buffs... conquest battles. Conquest battles are a crucial part of the game, sure, but they're nowhere near crucial enough to warrant dedicating an entire weapon to them.

Thankfully, you can switch to this weapon whenever you hop into a conquest, but outside of that niche circumstance, it really isn't anything special. What a shame, since the name Athena inspires such grace and confidence in my mind.

18 Best: Rod Of Asklepios

via: gamewith.net

So, like I said, I'm trying to include a little bit of everything in the article, not just a bunch of swords or spears. Ubisoft really kind of forgot about the staff sub-category in Odyssey. Or at least, it feels like they did. The Rod of Asklepios is good, but it's really only on here because it's one of the few legendary staffs.

It isn't bad, but the biggest ability it has is also the most controversial. This staff completely removes your ability to crit enemies, but in exchange, it turns your crit chance into additional damage permanently. Not exactly a bad trade in my opinion.

17 Worst: Griffin's Scythe

via: gamewith.net

Griffin's Scythe, to me, is an incredibly unfocused weapon. It's another hunter focused tool that probably shouldn't be. Although the 20% additional damage to Spread Shot is nice, it would be better on a bow. Then, we have the 15% Warrior Damage and 20% Fire Damage, which seem like they were randomly thrown on.

Overall, the weapon isn't all that visually appealing. It is sort of all over the place and is annoyingly classified as a spear even though it has “scythe” in the name. If you're looking for something to give you warrior, fire, or extra arrow damage, there are much better options.

16 Best: Hammer Of Jason

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This was a weapon made for me. I personally always choose the biggest, heaviest, and slowest weapons in RPG games. There is something just so satisfying about swinging around something with monumental amounts of mass.

So, Jason's Hammer seems right up my alley. It does stellar damage already, but the biggest draw is that it also buffs the Shield Break ability, which is crucial for the late game. Basically, it's a big hammer that hits hard and breaks guards. I mean really, what more could you ask for?

15 Worst: Typhon's Mace

via: gamewith.net

Boy does Typhon's Mace confuse me. I don't know if I dislike the design, or absolutely love it. Not only is it such an oddly-shaped weapon, but even the skills are weird.

Two of the skills are great actually; this weapon gives 15% more damage to Heavy Blunt weapons in general. It also does 20% more damage with Charged Heavy Attacks. But, for some unknown reason, it additionally adds 15% more assassin damage. That third skill just came out of nowhere. Anyway, grab the weapon from Exekios, if you can't find him, complete the Heroes of the Cult quest to track him.

14 Best: Arachne's Stingers

via: gamewith.net

So, let me just preface this by saying I love poison. It's my favorite element in any game, and I always try and include it in my build, even if I'm using a giant, slow weapon. Now with that out of the way, Arachne's Stingers are perfect for someone like me, as they change all your basic attacks to poison.

This is honestly such a great perk mainly because it's equipped on daggers. It takes multiple hits to poison someone usually in AC Odyssey and the daggers are known for their absurd amount of multi-hits. The only issue is this dagger is only obtainable as a random drop from a mercenary.

13 Worst: Elysian Axe

via: gamewith.net

Here's the thing, if you want to be a hunter, use a bow or spear, and if you want to be a melee-focused bruiser, use a heavy blade or heavy blunt. That's just common sense. Now, that doesn't mean that making hunter-focused heavy weapons is necessarily a bad thing, but in the case of the Elysian Axe, it sure isn't great.

The Elysian Axe has some perks that would do much better on a bow, such as boosting the Rain of Destruction ability. And, while this is a relatively useful skill, it isn't at all a perk that makes the axe worth using over the more appropriate and better hunter weapons.

12 Best: Harpe Of Perseus

via: gamewith.net

Next on our list of “legendary weapons Greek heroes apparently dropped somewhere,” we have the Harpe of Perseus. It's a bit more eccentric than Nikolaos' Sword, but it has some great abilities. First of all, forget the hunter damage perk, if you're building for that, neat, but otherwise, it isn't important.

What this blade brings to the table is its boost to critical damage and cooldown reduction. It gives a 25% cooldown reduction to all abilities! That isn't some small percentage, and it activates quite often. Unfortunately, the sword is locked behind a bit of a trial, but once you face the stone-cold Medusa, it's yours.

11 Worst: Herakles' Bow

via: gamewith.net

I guess Ubisoft was trying to subvert some expectations here because the perks on Herakles Bow seem much more like abilities for his Mace and vice versa. Maybe they wanted you to run both the Mace and Bow and have them buff each other?

A novel idea sure, but not when both weapons end up as sub-par individually. To be fair, when you run both of these bad boys on the same build, they're really good. But, as soon as they're equipped separately, they lose most of their appeal. It's a real shame, considering how much I love Herakles.

10 Best: Fanged Bow

via: gamewith.net

Bows don't get all too much love on this list. That's because most of them are at the very least decent, while not all too many stands out as weapons that are “absolutely amazing.” The rare exception is with the Fanged Bow.

Like Arachne's Stingers, it turns all normal shots into poison shots. Yes, I'm biased towards poison damage, obviously, deal with it. Anyway, for people who play a bit more stealthily, being able to poison tougher enemies from afar is absolutely crucial. You can find this weapon on Naxos Island apparently, though it is a chest weapon, which are known to move around.

9 Worst: Sword Of Damokles

via: gamewith.net

Remember how I'm really into designs, not just stats? Yeah, well this sword is unsightly, which is extra disappointing considering all the main quest stuff you've got to do to nab it. If your build is oriented towards adrenaline, then this is your go-to weapon.

The sword generates adrenaline at a frankly astonishing pace. But otherwise, it really isn't much to talk about. And that design! It looks like they ran out of the metal part halfway through and had to shave down the sides of the sword.

8 Best: Mallet Of Everlasting Flame

via: gamewith.net

Alright, get this. Imagine a big mace that's constantly on fire. Sounds like a pretty neat weapon, huh? Well, you'd be right, the Mallet of Everlasting Flame is radical and has great perks.

The weapon, again like Arachne's Stingers, turns all normal attacks into elemental ones. Except this time, instead of some dinky little poison, you light your enemies on fire. Careful though, you absolutely can light yourself up as well. This is another weapon that is only dropped from random mercenaries, which begs the question, how did they store something that's always burning?

7 Worst: Herakles' Mace

via: gamewith.net

Wow, I'm just noticing how many of the heavy legendary weapons have randomly mismatched abilities. Herakles' Mace, like the hero himself, is simple and bulky.

Just some nice wood, with a cool lion shape, and personally, I dig it. But, the weapon is weird. It helps your hunter damage, adrenaline boost, and buffs your bow damage, but only if you're above the target. It's oddly situational and its skills aren't really befitting for a mace that is supposed to represent Herakles of all people. Move that engraving over if you're going for that hunter build, but otherwise, this rad mace design kind of went to waste.

6 Best: Polyphemos Cyclops Bludgeon

via: gamewith.net

The Polyphemus Cyclops Bludgeon isn't just a mouthful, it's a great weapon as well. The biggest draw of this Heavy Blade is its 25% additional damage to elites and bosses.

That might not seem like a common occurrence, but you'll notice while playing that after a while, you end up facing down elite mercenaries constantly. Eventually, they'll just pop up, even when you're just walking around. This weapon may not need to be constantly equipped, but it is perfect to switch to whenever you're about to throw down with a big bad boss.

5 Worst: Staff Of Hermes Trismegistus

via: youtube.com (Video Games Source)

Spoilers, and maybe this one shouldn't count. This spear is by far my favorite looking one in the game. So simple, yet at the same time, so complex. It's a shame it's so lackluster mechanically. The Staff of Hermes is technically a Piece of Eden, one that apparently grants immortality to its wielder; though you'd never guess it did with such poor engravings.

The staff, which is actually classified as a spear frustratingly enough, doesn't have any skills that come close to something like immortality. Frankly, a weapon that is so plot-focused should really have more aggressive engravings. But unfortunately, it doesn't, and it became nothing more than a neat decoration in my game.

4 Best: Falx Of Olympos

via: gamewith.net

This next one is for the big and tough “elite gamers” that want a true challenge. If you're confident in your Dark Souls skills, then this might just be the spear for you. The Falx of Olympos manages to literally double your damage, something unheard of anywhere else in the game.

But of course, the tradeoff is that your max health is capped off at 25% of what it would normally be. Basically, this weapon turns you into a glass cannon. So, if you end up taking hits relatively often in combat, you might want to avoid this weapon, for now. Apparently found inside a chest within the Palace of Amphitrite, that might be a random piece of information.

3 Worst: Eros's Bow

via: gamewith.net

Remember when you gave up sweet damage and skill buffs in exchange for more ammo, maybe? Yeah, me neither. That's because it's always about the damage. That said, Eros' Bow isn't bad, but when compared to all the other legendary weapons, it doesn't quite stack up. This bow has a 50% chance not to consume a special arrow anytime it's shot.

Sure, that saves on arrow costs in the long run, but in the heat of the moment, it really doesn't add up to much. Though, if you're a hunter that uses special arrows to take out squads of people from afar, then hey, I found your dream weapon.

2 Best: Daggers Of Kronus

via: youtube.com (Jester Katz)

Here's a great weapon for the sneaky lads who just want to stab and be done with it. The Arachne's Stingers are great for assassins who end up fighting big groups, but the Dagger of Kronos is different. This weapon deals 40% more damage when you smack someone from behind, which, in a game about assassins, seems like something that should be happening often.

Now, the weapon isn't quick to obtain, you've got to defeat all 5 cultists under the Eye of Kosmos. After that, you've got to fight Nyx the Shadow as well, but once that's all said and done, you've got a snazzy new dagger.

1 Worst: Achilles' Spear

via: gamewith.net

Frankly, there are a lot of legendary spears in this game. In fact, they should've taken the pointed heads off of some of them and turned them into staffs instead.

Achilles' Spear has a passive ability to improve your Multi-Shot ability. And while I like that the weapon named after Achilles has some ties to archery, it should've been a more marksmen-based ability as opposed to Multi-Shot. Overall, it's not a bad weapon, but there are much better spears to use.

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