Assassin's Creed Odyssey: 10 Hardest Cultists To Find

The Cult of Kosmos is a secret organization determined to bring peace and prosperity to mankind through manipulation, assassination, and absolute control of society. These cultists are responsible for a number of wars in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey and have invaded every layer of society to carry out their plans.

This is one of the more time-consuming tasks for the player as there are some 44 cultists to identify, locate, and assassinate. To assist players in their cult hunting, here are tips for locating the 10 hardest cultists to find in the game.

10 Hermippos

Finding the clues necessary to find this cultist requires completing all of Alkibiades’s side quests. Starting with the Citizenship Test the player must go on to complete Witness Him, Handle With Care, Designated Rider, Rock Hard, Across the Border, and Happily Ever After.

Successfully completing all of these quests will reveal where Hermippos is located and you’ll have to spend some time tracking him. Also if you want to complete the quest Free Speech, do it before you kill Hermippos.

9 Sokos

Sokos can be a bit tricky for players to locate as it requires finding a conquest battle on the Obsidian Islands and starting one. For those who don’t like participating in these conquests, it would make Sokos one of the harder cultists to locate.

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Once you trigger a conquest battle pick a side (any side it really doesn’t matter) and Sokos will be part of the battle. If you don’t like conquest battles then just know that once you sink his ship and take his legendary item you can leave without finishing the battle.

8 Diona

Diona presents an interesting challenge as she’s part of a side quest that if performed correctly will lead to this cultists death, but performing it incorrectly leads to the death of an innocent.

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Without spoiling too much start the quest I, Diona and pay very careful attention to any and all clues given to you. If you don’t you’ll be forced to make a choice that could be disastrous if you choose wrong.

7 The Mytilenian Shark

This is the hardest cultist to find who isn’t one of the leaders. Finding the clues necessary to track down the Shark requires a bit of sailing and scouting. Somewhere in the ocean northeast of Thera is a shipwreck containing the clues to the Shark’s location.

Sail in this area and have Ikaros scout around until he finds this wreck. Then go for a dip, kill a few sharks and bring back the chests you find in the wreckage. Even with the clues, he’s a bit difficult to find, but without them, it’s nearly impossible.

6 Eye Of Kosmos Sage

The Eye of Kosmos sage is arguably the easiest of the cult leaders to find, but that doesn’t mean it’ll be a picnic. Tracking down the sage’s location requires you to take out all the other cultists that are part of the Eyes of Kosmos branch.

Keep in mind this also means taking out Hermippos which means completing all of the Alkibiades’ quests. This branch is responsible for being the eyes of the cult to monitor members and gather information. Taking this sage out deals a terrible blow to their operations.

5 Silver Vein Sage

The Silver Vein Sage is only found after you take out all the cultist members of the Silver Vein branch. A few of the members can be a little difficult to track down which makes this sage a little tougher than the Eye Of Kosmos.

The Silver Vein is in charge of the financial operations of the entire cult obtaining funds through slavery, theft, war, prostitution, and many other shady and seedy business dealings. Taking down the Silver Vein sage will remove the lifeblood of the Cult’s operations.

4 Worshipers Of The Bloodline Sage

The Sage of the Worshipers of the Bloodline branch. Tracking this sage down requires the death of all members in the Worshipers of the Bloodline branch. Considering Diona is a member this takes a few more steps than the other sages above will.

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This branch is the more mystical side of the Cult and believes their children to be divine beings meant to lead future Greece. It’s unclear if the rest of the Cult agrees but taking them out will remove the spiritual advisors that could pose problems.

3 Heroes Of The Cult Sage

The Heroes of The Cult Sage is found after you assassinate all of the members of the Heroes of The Cult branch. While not as hard to find as the other sages these cultists are fierce warriors and can make for challenging battles.

The Heroes of The Cult are the cult's front-line warriors acting as enforcers and dipping their hands into mercenary activities. Their ultimate goal is to seize control of Greece's military. You better be ready for a fight when taking down these cultists.

2 Gods Of The Aegean Sea Sage

This sage is hands down the most difficult sage to locate in the entire game. It requires killing all the other cult members of the Gods of The Aegean Sea which are found in the open ocean sailing in boats. The Mytilenian Shark is a member of this branch. Even with the clues this sage’s ship can be tricky to find and makes for a tough naval battle.

The Gods Of the Aegean Sea branch are tasked with controlling exports, imports, and those who travel to and from Greece. Controlling the open waters and leading Greece's navy is their goal and make them very, very dangerous to the people of Greece.

1 Ghost Of Kosmos

By far the hardest cultist to find is the Ghost Of Kosmos. The Ghost is the leader of the entire cult and all the sages answer to this individual. Finding the Ghost requires killing every single member of the cult from the lowly informants to the seven sages themselves.

Once the last cultist’s body has fallen a special quest unlocks to find the Ghost. At the end of the quest is the Ghost of Kosmos and killing this individual will bury the Cult and finish out this exhausting questline. The identity of this powerful figure will be surprising and the armor rewards are well worth the effort of tracking down these power-hungry fanatics.

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