Assassin's Creed Odyssey: A Guide To The Romances

Assassin's Creed Odyssey lets the player make a ton of choices, including romances. If you need a guide to Odessa and everyone else, here it is.

Assassin's Creed Odyssey is the latest game in the franchise. It has taken great strides to evolve beyond the limited parameters of its predecessors. For starters, in Odyssey you can choose your character's gender. Will you play as Alexios or Kassandra? Once you've made your decision you will explore the vast expanse of Ancient Greece and discover the truth about the Cult of Kosmos, the City of Atlantis, and much more.

Perhaps one of the most enchanting changes in Assassin's Creed Odyssey is the addition of romance. Never before has the franchise allowed you a chance at obtaining love interests, and you can choose your character's sexuality too. All characters are open to both genders. Here's a complete guide to every romance option you can find in Assassin's Creed Odyssey.

13 Aikaterine

You meet Aikaterine during the main quest in Chapter 8 of the game entitled Public Opinion. To romance her, you will first need to receive the A-Musing Tale quest from Thespis.

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Once you have met Aikaterine she will ask you to murder Commander Rhexenor, a member of the Cult of Kosmos. To prove yourself to her you retrieve his sword. Then she will offer to spend a romantic night with you.

12 Alkibiades

Alkibiades is one of the most popular romance options in the game. He is one of the only characters you can sleep with on multiple occasions. Fans love him because of his eccentric personality. The first time you meet him is during a side quest in Chapter 4 while you're in the Attika region.

You can then embark on the Olive and Oil quest. Fetch him his olive oil and you'll be rewarded with a particularly slippery night together. From then on, whenever you run into Alkibiades in the game, be sure to complete his side quests to romance him again and again.

11 Auxesia

You will meet Auxesia in the Sanctuary of Delphi in Phokis. Auxesia is a much older woman who will request your help in the quest called Age Is Just a Number. You'll need to collect various animal parts so she can create an elixir that boosts her husband's libido. If you help her, you can choose to satisfy her in other ways.

10 Daphnae

Romancing Daphnae is one of the more complicated side quests in the game. In order to have a chance at a relationship with her, you will have to hunt down the many legendary animals in the game.

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There are a total of 10 quests in the lengthy Daughters of Artemis trek. Make sure that every time you return to Daphnae with a rare animal's hide you'll need to ensure you select the flirtatious option to lead to the romance later on.

9 Diona and Eritha

Diona is introduced in a fun sidequest called I, Diona. To begin the quest you'll have to travel to the Shrine of Fates in Skandeia Bay, located in the Kythera Island region of the game.

First you will save Diona's life and then to thank you, you have the option of romancing her. But the follow-up quest delivers an exciting twist involving Diona's twin sister, Eritha.

8 Kosta the Blacksmith

You will meet Kosta during the Family Values side quest in Lokris. It can be accessed at Red Lake Bay. An Oracle tells Supideo is will do terrible things to his parents if they don't lock him in a cage.

To ensure their safety, he hires you to retrieve his sword from Kosta the Blacksmith. This quest is worth doing even if you don't pursue Kosta romantically, it's one of the funniest quests in the game. While chatting with Kosta, ensure you choose all the heart options.

7 Kyra or Thaletas

When you begin the Trouble in Paradise side quest (found on a message board in the Silver Islands), you will respond to a plea for help during a rebellion. You will then have to decide between following Thaletas or Kyra by agreeing with one of them. You can only romance one so choose wisely.

If you choose Thaletus you will begin The Thaletas Way, if you choose Kyra you can begin Kyra with a Cause. You can complete both characters quests but only romance one of them.

6 Lykaon

While in the Sacred Lands of Apollo on Phokis you will encounter Lykaon and begin the quest Helping a Healer. He needs you to help him gather some herbs and deliver them to his many patients.

You will then begin the next quest that aids Lykaon in finding his grandmother and then deciding what he should do with her. Always choose the heart option and do not use violent means to deal with the Oracle to become romantic with him.

5 Mikkos

On Lemnos Island, travel to Mikkos's House in Green City. You will find yourself caught in the middle of family drama involving Barnabas, his nephew, and his caretaker. Meet Mikkos in a house north of Myrina.

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When you are given the option between "Neleus needs tough love" or "Try a gentle approach" be sure you choose the gentle approach dialogue or you will miss your chance at the romance.

4 Odessa

Odessa is one of the first love interests you'll encounter in the game on Kephallonia. Like with the other romances on this list, make sure you always pick the romantic options and ensure you never blame her for anything if you want to romance her. As a reward for becoming intimate with Odessa you'll receive Odessa's Bow.

3 Roxana

You will meet Roxana on Hydrea, a small island near the Argolis region. If you are hoping to romance Roxana, you will need to complete her three trials and beat her at all three.

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The first is a sparring match, then archery practics, and finally a foot race. If you succeed and have flirted with her the entire way through then you will spend the night with her.

2 Xenia

Xenia is the leader of a group of pirates on Pirates Island. Romancing Xenia is somewhat complicated as you will have to travel to multiple regions in the game to track down valuable treasures for her. Once you complete all of her quests, you can romance her. Be sure you flirt with her between each quest.

1 Zopheras

Before you can access and properly begin Zopheras's quests, you'll need to complete the Training Days and Brother in Arms quests. Like some of the other romance options, you'll need to fulfill certain quest requirements to romance Zopheras.

You will have to beat her in both a foot race and a horseback race. If you don't beat her, you can still flirt but you won't be able to fully romance her.

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