The 17 Best Legendary Armor Sets In Assassin's Creed Odyssey (And 8 Epic Legendary Weapons)

Is there a bounty on your head, misthios? Oh, why are we even asking? Of course, there is. And you've probably noticed that those Greek headhunters get progressively stronger as you stir up more and more trouble. Between them and the small horde of hardened Spartan warriors that don't seem to like you breathing very much after you raided their fort and kicked their polemarch off the wall, you may want a few layers of metal and leather between your supple, well-moisturized skin and their swords. Or spears, axes, and poisoned arrows. There really is a neat variety of things they'd like to hurt you with.

Fortunately for you, there's an equally neat variety of things you can wear to make all of those things a little less harmful. And we're not talking about your run of the mill blacksmith stock, we're talking legendary loot. At the very least, you'll make yourself look a whole lot cooler while you're ducking and dodging all manner of ancient Greek weaponry. And who doesn't love an assassin with a sense of style?

While we're at it, we'll point out a few of those weapons that you might want to fight back with. Since we've covered most of the legendary weapons obtainable in the game with a previous article, we'll shine a spotlight on those that you'll need to pocket a few Helix credits to get your hands on. Without further ado, here are fifteen legendary armor sets that you need to get your hands on, along with seven legendary weapons that'll make you feel like Ares himself.

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25 Greek Heroes' Armor

via: youtube.com (PS4Trophies)

Kicking off the list is the Greek Heroes' set, which is a fantastic all-around collection of armor referencing a whole host of mythological heroes. The star of the show is easily Jason's Golden Fleece, and the set boosts all of your resistances by 20% when worn together.

This one can either be easy or a bit frustrating to get, depending on what kind of person you are, as you'll need to hunt down several mercenaries to collect the entirety of it.

24 Snake's Armor

via: youtube.com (PS4Trophies)

If you're working the assassin skill tree and find yourself utilizing poison weapons to outmatch your foes, then the Snake set was tailor-made just for you. Aside from each piece contributing to your deadly effectiveness, the set engraving provides a straight bonus to intoxicating effects.

This one's a fairly simple acquisition, as you just need to defeat the Eyes of Kosmos cultist branch, and they're among your first set of targets when it comes to bringing down the cult.

23 WEAPONRY: The Greek Hello

via: screenshot

It's always polite to say hello when you pass a stranger on the street. It's probably a little less than polite to say it with a dagger, but that's how a proper misthios does it. At least I think that's what they're implying here.

However, you'll either need to spend some Helix credits or dump some Orichalcum on Sargon in order to get your hands on this one. It's entirely worthwhile for damage heavy builds, since the unique engraving lets your trade 15% of your maximum health for a 15% damage increase. Groovy.

22 Athenian War Hero Armor

via: youtube.com (PS4Trophies)

If you like the color blue and spraying arrows in every direction, then here's your pick. Most pieces of this set boost your hunter damage, and the unique set engraving allows your arrows to pierce shields unerringly.

Collecting this suit of armor is going to mean hunting down the Delian League branch of cultists. Some of them are a bit on the tougher side of the cut, but hey, you're resourceful. Or at least kind of tough. It'd pay better to be both, but nobody's perfect.

21 Demigod Armor

via: youtube.com (PS4Trophies)

You might be thinking that this set of armor looks rather familiar. And you'd be right, it's the very same set that your unseemly sibling likes to wear. The engravings definitely lean towards the warrior skill tree, but the unique set engraving provides a decent damage boost to all abilities, regardless of skill tree.

You might have already guessed, but you get your hands on the majority of this set by playing through the main quest until you confront Deimos in episode nine. The key word is majority, as you'll need to obtain the circlet by completing the quest "A Fresh Start," completing the set.

20 WEAPONRY: Olympian Torch

via: screenshot

A decidedly more intense take on the Olympic Torch that we're all a bit more familiar with, this sorely needed entry into the staff lineup plays quite nicely with any build leaning towards the fiery end of the damage spectrum.

If you want to go whacking Athenians, Spartans or whatever happens to have earned your ire on a particular day with this large, flaming stick, you'll need to either shell out some Helix credits or hope that Sargon's feeling a little generous with the Orichalcum racket.

19 Pilgrim Armor

via: youtube.com (Zanar Aesthetics)

If you're just itching for that classic Assassin's Creed style and leaning towards the assassin skill tree, this armor set is the closest you'll get. And honestly, it's pretty close. Close enough, anyway. The unique set engraving will make the Shadow of Nyx ability cost 40% less adrenaline.

As the name implies, you're going to be embarking on a pilgrimage of sorts.

You'll be visiting five different temples to collect each piece from a legendary chest. Find the Britomartis in Messara, the Sanctuary of Eleusis in Attika, the Temple of the Golden Bowed Goddess in Malis, the Temple of Artemis Orthia in Lakonia, and the Akropolis of Argos in... well, Argos. Okay, did you get all of that?

18 Immortal Armor

via: youtube.com (PS4Trophies)

The Immortal set truly lives up to its name, as the set bonus for this outlandish suit of armor grants you the ability to get back up when you've been knocked out every two minutes.

That alone makes grabbing this clunky set of armor entirely worthwhile.

And okay, the helmet looks pretty spooky too, if you're into that. Locate and hunt down each member of the Worshippers of the Bloodline branch of the Kosmos cult in order to deck yourself out in this Persian finery.

17 WEAPONRY: Vine Bow

via: screenshot

The Vine Bow comes with a stock engraving that will boost damage dealt to far away targets, and the unique engraving trades 15% of your armor for 25% more damage, which if you're the ranged combat type, isn't too much of a sacrifice for such a significant chunk of extra hurt to put on the bad guys.

And of course, you're gonna need some Helix credits to pick up this handy piece of equipment. Or maybe you can go play "spin the amphora" with Sargon and hope that you turn up lucky.

16 Armor Of Agamemnon

via: youtube.com (PS4Trophies)

Do you like fire? Do you fancy yourself an ancient Greek pyromaniac? Then this is the set of armor you want. Every piece adds either fire damage or duration of burning, with the unique set engraving granting a massive 50% bonus to burning rate.

So if you use the Flaming Weapons skill, like at all, do not pass this one up.

You'll be able to snag this set of armor by hunting down each of the cultists in the Silver Vein branch of their organization, which really isn't too tall of an order. Especially when you consider the rewards.

15 Spartan Renegade Armor

via: youtube.com (Gamers Heroes)

You know, it really doesn't immediately seem like there's a whole lot of "armor" to be had with this one. It's mostly just exposed flesh, isn't it? Ah well. Regardless, this set has the potential to be incredibly damage heavy, since the unique set bonus grants you a ridiculous 50% critical damage increase on warrior abilities.

This includes the Overpower ability, which generally includes multiple strikes in rapid succession, easily turning it into a fight-ending move in almost any circumstance. Want it? Well, start saving that Orichalcum!

14 WEAPONRY: Black Thorn

via: screenshot

Everybody likes a good spear, and everybody loves a great one. This bad boy is going to fall into the latter category, considering the unique engraving delivers a truly insane 25% increase to critical chance when using charged heavy attacks.

And if you really needed a cherry on top, one of the default engravings boosts critical damage.

Though as with most of the weapons on this list, you'll either need to do the Orichalcum shuffle or cough up some Helix credits.

13 Pirate's Armor

via: youtube.com (HarryNinetyFour)

This set is all about critical hits, assassin damage, and critical damage. I imagine that for quite a few of you, I just listed your top three favorite things. Maybe not in that order, but still. Anyway, if that's even remotely true then you want this set of armor.

In the event that the already ridiculous boost to assassin damage wasn't enough for you, the set bonus for this one boosts damage for assassin abilities for another 15%. These armor pieces are distributed among the Gods of the Aegean Sea cultist branch. You know what to do.

12 Spartan War Hero Armor

via: youtube.com (PS4Trophies)

This one's remarkable if you've got a heavy investment in the warrior skill tree, since beyond the usual warrior damage bonuses you'll get a nice 15% increase to damage dealt by all warrior skills.

It also looks completely amazing. I mean, check out that sweet gear.

You'll be rooting out the members of the Peloponnesian branch of the Cult of Kosmos to scoop up each piece of this armor set. Some, like "the Monger," are targets involved in side quests, so you may not need to stray too far out of your way.

11 WEAPONRY: Sauroter

via: screenshot

If you're in need of a melee weapon to help boost your hunter damage, then the Sauroter is going to be your pointy stick of choice. And who wouldn't appreciate a little bump to your adrenaline gain as a nice bonus?

This spear also comes with an incredibly unique engraving that boosts elemental buildup when using hunter abilities, which should be nice for those that like using flaming or poisoned arrows to even out the odds with their adversaries. This one's another cash shop grab, but is obtainable via Sargon if you'd rather spend Orichalcum.

10 Master Artemis Armor

via: youtube.com (PS4Trophies)

If you've got a potent desire to live out your ancient Greek fantasy as a bow hunting survivalist, this is probably the best you can do. This set boosts your bow damage, and the unique engraving levies a 15% increase to your hunter ability damage.

To collect the entirety of this set you'll need to set out to complete the Daughters of Artemis side quest, the Godesses' Hunt. If you haven't met her yet, link up with Daphnae at the Temple of Artemis in Phokis, and she'll get you set for the hunt. Just take care, as you'll be facing down a legendary beast for each task.

9 Pegasos Armor

via: pcgamesn.com

This really is a truly beautiful set of armor, but you're gonna need to be really into horses. And wings. And winged horses. This set's very clearly geared towards the misthios that's light on his feet and a bit of an adrenaline junkie.

This is best evidenced by the unique engraving giving a hefty 50% bonus to adrenaline on dodging.

You can pick up the armor set piecemeal using Helix credits, but why not splurge and grab the entire kit so you can nab that sweet, sweet Pegasos skin for your horse? Horses look better with wings. It's science. Sort of.

8 WEAPONRY: Chrysaor

via: screenshot

If you dig the Pegasos armor, you'd may as well go all in and pick up the sword as well. In keeping with the theme of the set, this beautiful blade rewards you with a 25% damage increase every time you perform an impeccable dodge.

You can pick up the sword on its lonesome if you wish, or perhaps get lucky enough to snag it from Sargon with a pile of Orichalcum. But really, you'd may as well pick up the entire gear pack from the store if that's the route you're going.

7 Arena Fighter's Armor

via: youtube.com (PS4Trophies)

Are you not entertained?! Okay, wrong era, maybe. But this armor set still gives you that gladiator aesthetic if it happens to strike your fancy. It's a bit of a mixed bag, with the basic engravings covering all bases in terms of damage types, and increasing your damage with a variety of weapons.

What it is consistently geared towards is boosting your Overpower ability, plus the unique engraving grants you additional health gain on use. Which makes sense, given how fancy the ability looks and an arena fighter's sense of showmanship.

6 Amazon Armor

via: youtube.com (HarryNinetyFour)

Get your Wonder Woman cosplay looking sharp with this set. Wonder Woman specifically, that is, not Wonder Man, as this set is only obtainable if you elected to play as Kassandra. Worry not if you chose Alexios, though, as he gets his own set that we'll be covering shortly.

This set is immensely rewarding for those that strike swiftly, as you'll recover 2% of all damage dealt as health. If that sounds like your side of fries, set out after the Heroes of the Cult branch of cultists and go open season on their butts.

5 WEAPONRY: Drinker of Light

via: screenshot

Nope, that's not a black metal album title, that's a sword. Which while still somewhat related, is going to be much more useful in your odyssey through ancient Greece. Perhaps unsurprisingly given the name, this one's geared towards sneaky assassin folks.

You'll want to pair this one with a poison build, as it'll increase the damage and it sports a unique engraving that increases poison build up by a surprising 50%, meaning you'll be able to make 'em sick rather quick. Naturally, you'll either need to toss in some Helix credits or pay Sargon a visit if you're after this rare beauty.

4 Nemean Lion Pelt Armor

via: screenshot

Critical hits and warrior damage are the orders of the day with this set of fur-lined armor, with a particular emphasis on those critical hits while maintaining a full bar of health. The complete set bonus for this option bumps your critical hit chance by 5% and critical damage by 25%.

The catch is that you only receive this epic bonus while you're at full health.

That's not too much of a problem for those of you that don't get hit too often, but you may want to brush up on your dodge and parry skills if you plan on picking this one up. You know, just in case.

3 Armor Of Achilles

via: forums.ubi.com

The armor of Achilles is pretty much the same as the Amazon set, essentially, but it's specifically for Alexios rather than Kassandra. The statistics mirror one another, the unique set engraving is the same, and they're obtained by hunting down the exact same line of cultists.

At a glance, it seems to be a nod towards Brad Pitt's portrayal of Achilles in the film Troy, which was... well, okay, at its best. Nonetheless, the armor is stylistically awesome, regardless of your feelings towards the film reference.

2 WEAPONRY: Bident Of The Underworld

via: screenshot

It's a big fork minus one prong, and it's on fire. So that's neat. It also sports an incredible spread of engravings, doubling up on the damage focus between warrior damage and spear damage.

The real winner here is the unique engraving, which adds a nice 25% bonus to your warrior damage at the cost of lowering your ranged resistance by 15%. It seems like a bit of a trade, but arrows aren't usually your biggest concern, and you can usually dodge them with a good sense of timing. Our verdict? Entirely worth it, if you can spare the credits or Orichalcum.

1 Hades' Champion Armor

via: assassinscreed.ubisoft.com

Well, this is certainly one way to make an impression. I mean, the whole faceless flaming ghost thing really worked out for me on my last job interview. This set puts a focus on spears, warrior damage and, big surprise here, fire damage. The unique engraving is pretty cool, recovering 25% of your adrenaline every time you use a warrior ability.

As of this writing, this is one of the most recent additions to the store. If you want to spring the Helix credits for the whole pack, you'll also get a frighteningly cool skin for Phobos and the Bident of the Underworld that we just covered.

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