Assassin's Creed Origins E3 Trailer And Gameplay Demo: Brotherhood Is Born

Assassin's Creed Origins debuted at E3, showing off pyramid-scaling and mythological beasts.

Ubisoft has released the premiere trailer for Assassin's Creed: Origins, which will deal with the founding of the Assassin’s Brotherhood in ancient Egypt.

The trailer provides an in depth look at the ancient Egyptian setting and a few of the featured gameplay elements that can be expected when Origins drops in October of this year.


The trailer begins with a voiceover disclosing the establishment of the Assassin’s Brotherhood, harkening to figures of ancient Egyptian folklore intermingled with the series’ familiar hooded assassins. Ubisoft is taking full advantage of the ancient Egyptian setting, as an assassin slides perilously down the side of a pyramid, traverses the peak of a desert dune in the midst of a raging sandstorm, and suavely cuts down adversaries on the sandy stage of a coliseum. The assassin is also featured engaging with the local wildlife, from hippos to crocodiles, with the trailer ending with the assassin facing down a gargantuan serpent.

Ubisoft seems to have done a commendable job giving ancient Egypt the Assassin's Creed treatment; the featured city is perfect for rooftop parkour and stalking a target through the sandy, palm tree lined streets. It looks as if combat will be standard for the series, featuring stylish takedowns and the use of ranged weapons to dispatch multiple foes simultaneously while allowing players to keep their distance.

It appears that most of the enemies being felled are Roman Soldiers, as the armor and weaponry present during the combat sequences would seem to suggest. It’s very possible that Ubisoft may be attributing the formation of the Assassins Brotherhood as the Egyptian response to the almost 700 year Roman occupation of ancient Egypt. The inclusion of mythological creatures, such as the massive snake facing the assassin in the last few seconds of the trailer, is an interesting choice. Ancient Egypt was steeped in religious folklore and mythological beasts that would give Ubisoft a massive catalogue to choose from when selecting which to include in game. Although the trailer looks to be standard for an Assassin's Creed game, it does little besides just that; the standard. It’ll be interesting to see if a fresh, rarely touched on time period, setting, and the inclusion of mythological foes will breath some life into what some would consider a stale series.

Assassin's Creed: Origins is slated for release October 27, 2017.

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