24 Hidden Quests And Things Fans Missed In Assassin’s Creed: Origins

Assassin's Creed: Origins is jam-packed with hidden quests that most players missed in Ubisoft's epic.

Ubisoft had plenty of room to hide hidden quests throughout Ancient Egypt, among locations, treasure loots, and Easter eggs. Developers sneaking references into games, and Assassin's Creed: Origins has its own series of Easter eggs, as well as multiple side quests across the map. The recent installment was released in late 2017, and fans have watched how Ubisoft have progressed further and further with great successes in the franchise. There was a huge hype around Origins, bringing players into the world of Ancient Egypt playing as a Medjay named Bayek - a courageous hero driven by revenge to defeat enemies of the likes of pharaohs and corrupt leaders. The game features dynamic and stunning visuals, making players feel like they're in Ancient Egypt themselves. Ubisoft have definitely stepped it up a notch, living up to the expectations around the hype of the games first announcement. It features the biggest map we have ever seen in an Assassin's Creed game, which means there is plenty of room for developers to create secrets and hide things to provide a great challenge.

The open-world RPG will never leave players without something to do. From tomb raiding, to finding and collecting loot or treasure, solving riddles, discovering hidden caves and tombs, swimming deep to the bottom of the ocean (and of course, all the fun of the Assassin's Creed franchise). There is no doubt that players will have missed some things in the game considering Ubisoft have created one of their biggest maps yet - unless they are truly dedicated, there are many things hidden out of plain sight. This article will entail 25 hidden quests in Assassin's Creed: Origins, taking players on a series of adventures uncovering the history of Ancient Egypt, and true origin of the assassins.

24 Finding The Final Fantasy Gear

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The Meidum Pyramid is actually a real archaeological site in Lower Egypt, so it's nice to see that Origins have maintained historical accuracy. The pyramid is easy to find as it is a viewpoint on the map and features the side quest a Gift From The Gods. There is a tomb located under the pyramid where Bayek witnessed a meterorite crash, opening up the entrance to the tomb. Here the Medjay helped an unknown individual who rewarded him with a sword, shield, and mount every gamer wants to get their hands on.

23 Constellations In The Sky

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One major side quest is for players to find all 12 hidden stone circles spread across Egypt. The stone circles are the key to opening The Great Sphinx Tomb (where the legendary Isu Armor is acquired), but it isn't an easy task.

Finding and solving all 12 will unlock the Stargazer achievement/trophy.

The stone circles are constellations, which need to be aligned in the sky in order to be completed. This quest is definitely for players who like to explore - take advantage of the beauty of Egypt, and don't google the locations!

22 Yes, Watch Dogs Is Connected To Assassin's Creed

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There is a very clear link to the Ubisoft game Watch Dogs. Fans have always wondered whether the Assassin's Creed and Watch Dog worlds are connected. Players have seen Abstergo employee's in Watchdogs, as well as a document found in Black Flag. Now the Easter egg in Origins has confirmed that there is a connection between the two games - A criminal convoy mission in the original Watchdogs follows Aiden Pearce who takes out Olivia Garneau, and in Layla's present-day emails, players will find not just references, but actual photo's of this event happening - legitimate proof!

21 Acquire The Best Armor In The Game

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There are numerous rare items that can be acquired in the game, however, a player must have is the legendary Isu Armor as very few are as special as this one.

A series of challenges must me completed first. 

The simple yet lengthy side quest is called as Bayek's Promise (players must find all the stone circles dotted across the map). Once these have been found, players must gather 50 silica. which is also located in only certain parts of Egypt. There is a secret room in the Great Sphinx that can be accessed and here, players will be rewarded with the strangely spectacular sci-fi-esque Isu Armor.

20 Riddle Me This

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As part of the DLC The Hidden Ones, the Scoll of Thoth is a side quest (Shards from a Star) that cannot be missed, however, players must solve a riddle and follow clues to be rewarded with a legendary gift.

Two hidden daggers lie beneath - within the roots of a tree at Thoth's Temple.

Following the path, players will arrive at the tree and must break the roots in order to enter. They will be faced with a series of challenges, before finding the two legendary daggers laying at the feet of the Thoth's statue.

19 Did 'Dr. Who' Meet The Assassins

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Deep beneath the Ancient Egyptian waters, there is a hidden Easter egg that most players probably haven't come across yet. The iconic sunken structure, which resembles a police box, has left us wondering if its anything to do with the Tardis in British TV series Doctor Who.

Did the Doctor visit Ancient Egypt?

The stone structure can be found deep at the bottom of the ocean near Letopolis.

18 The Mysterious Underground Lair

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During the side quest The Tax Master, which takes place in Fort Nikou, players will come across a secret trap door that leads to an underground lair. Players must find and rescue a man seeking freedom from captivity in the Fort.

The fort was used as a place of punishment for so-called crimes. 

Located in Sapi-Nes Rome, Fort Nikou has a dark history behind it. With underground tunnels and piles of corpses, we wouldn't want to be held captive here either!

17 Experience Hallucinations In The Desert

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Another fun Easter egg in the game can be found by taking a journey through the desert (in the daytime). If players take an adventure out into the open, they will begin to start having weird hallucinations, and it is reported that there is a much deeper meaning to them. Not only do the hallucinations take place here, but have also been known to start happening near some oak trees with no leaves on. If the players keep following these oak trees, players will be led to more of them where a different hallucination will occur - keep following and the hidden meaning behind them might finally be uncovered. However, the majority of them are clearly related to Bayek's past.

16 A Tomb With Hidden Secrets

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Located in Siwa region of Egypt is a tomb amongst the rocky hills and mountains. Outside the entrance, there is a young boy named Fenuku (here there is also the opportunity to complete a side quest). After entering the tomb, players must destroy the wall covered in scarabs  - then up a ramp, left into an alcove, where they will arrive in a room. Tracks on the floor will indicate that shelves can be moved. Once in the next room, pots can be smashed which will then lead into the main chamber of the tomb - there is an ability point waiting at the end!

15 Where It All Began

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This cave has a long history behind it. The cave and all of its contents was taken over by bandits in 48 BCE, plus something very crucial to the people of Siwa - the caves fresh water springs which was used to extort their money. The people desperately needed help, so they sought their Medjay (Bayek), who put everything back in order by slaying all the bandits inhabiting the cave. Bayek and his wife, Aya, would visit the cave often during their childhood, so no wonder he was quick to regain control!

14 Sword In The Ashes

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The iconic campfire and sword have made many appearances in popular titled games over the years, so it makes sense for there to be one in Assassin's Creed: Origins. The campfire is hidden amongst a small set of ruins located in west of Lake Mareotis. Once activated, a message will be revealed which seems to confirm that it is a reference to Dark Souls' themes of warriors, the afterlife and punishments. Are we bored of seeing DS references yet? We think not.

13 Layla's Research Station

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While playing as Bayek, players can find the location of Layla's (present day) research station. It's a pretty cool addition, which allows players to walk in as Bayek, and leave as Layla. The cave is located in Siwa, in the Qattra Depression (Hotel Cavern). Needless to say, it's an exciting area to explore, but watch out for the level 35 hyenas!

12 A Spectacular Crossover

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Ubisoft announced a crossover between AC: Origins and Final Fantasy XV, and now the developers have teamed up, players can expect to see more FF quests in the AC games. In Origins, the side quest Gift From The Gods (previously mentioned in the Medium Pyramid), players will receive a sword, shield, and legendary mount which will look familiar to most FF fans. Not only this, but there are hieroglyphics located in southwestern Saqqara Nome which depict Noctis and Ardyn in conflict. It is said that there is a puzzle to solve here, leading to a hidden temple, but nobody has been able to access it yet...

11 A House On A Hill

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This small treasured filled cave is overrun by bandits - nothing any AC players can't handle!

Unless players have the downloadable content expansion, they probably would have missed this one. 

Players will visit the cave during The Hidden Ones quest in the DLC - The cave can be found in the hills of Madiama Nome. It is said that Cave Ur'in was inhabited by a man named Si-Mut, who kept his valuable treasures and loot in the cave, that was until bandits chased him away... poor guy.

10 Players Must Be Good At Puzzles

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Throughout the game, there is a side quest where players must find 25 papyrus puzzles. Each one will reward with a legendary item, that's if they can solve the clue or riddle.

Once a riddle is solved, players will be led to hidden treasure somewhere on the map. 

We recommend that players spread out this quest throughout the game as the rewarded items scale depending on the level of the player - therefore a high-quality weapon will remain at a low level for the rest of gameplay.

9 Save The Greeks From A Dreaded Curse

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This level 25 rated side-quest begins when coming across a man on a street corner in the Greek Quarter - he speaks of a strange curse that is taking the lives of the villagers. Snakes have invaded, and the Greeks believe that they were sent by an Egyptian snake goddess. Players must get there thinking caps on, as this quest requires a lot of investigating to solve and find the person behind the curse.

8 Not What You'd Expect On Your Wedding Day

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This side quest (The Bride) is easy to miss. In order to activate it, Bayek must find a woman standing on the edge of a cliff.

If players have been hunting animals, this quest may be easier to complete. 

Once Bayek reaches her, the quest will begin. The woman is mourning over her husband who was defeated by a Scorpion. Players must collect a Heron feather to ensure she changes her mind.

7 Find The Hidden Hideouts

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Across the game, there are five hermit locations - a side activity that challenges players to find them (even though most are in the middle of nowhere).

Each hideout uncovered will reward players with 1 ability point. 

We don't actually know what the hermits were hiding from, but that it must have been something bad considering all the locations are well away from civilization (the majority of them in the desert regions). Players will be able to easily identify them - there is a red or white blanket with candles at each of the locations.

6 Stick Em' With The Pointy End

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An Easter egg found in the game is a reference to Game of Throne character Arya Stark's sword. Players who are GOT fans rejoiced when they identified the rare spear as the needle weapon Arya uses. It's easy to acquire, as it can be gained at any time during the game from the blacksmith - the caption will read "stick em' with the pointy end", a quote from Jon Snow himself.

5 A Rebel Alliance

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Players may or may not have noticed this mission as it appears on the map in a peculiar way. The marker will be seen moving up and down around the mountains of north-east Faiyum - when players approach they will notice a slave being held hostage in a moving horse cart. Once freed, he will ask to be escorted to a location where enemies will attack - eventually players end up at a temple where they will face a few easier challenges before the mission end.

4 Discover Ancient Marine Life

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In the Western desert of Egypt, there is evidence of ancient marine life - the remains of the oceans largest creatures, whales. The location is called Whale Valley, and a little bit of an obscure Easter egg for Assassin's Creed. It's clearly a reference that provides evidence of the existence of whales during Ancient Egypt. The valley is located in Faiyum, players must climb the westernmost mountain, where an area of water will come into view.

3 The Bureau Of The Hidden Ones

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This Bureau can only be unlocked once all the main quests have been completed, therefore many players may have missed this if they didn't decide to go back after finishing the main story. The Bureau of the Hidden Ones, is a legendary store that gives players access to legendary weapons, and other gear the will match their high level.

The store allows players to regain weapons they may have sold during gameplay, and wish that they didn't. 

Once the game is complete, the bureau will show up on the main map.

2 Get The Best Sidekick

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Players can adopt a mount that resembles the likes of some kind of roman warrior, dressed in white cloth, scaled armor, and a helmet with a crest. The legendary mount is obtained through the DLC, The Hidden Ones. Players must complete the side quest Killer Shadow (Level 42+), by helping out slaves in need. Its an easy quest to complete, with a whopping reward!

1 The Secret Temple Of A Million Years

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There are many secrets throughout the game and this location is one of them. Seen as it's not indicated on the main map, finding the temple may take up hours of gameplay, however its worth it for those players who are interested in learning about the mysterious connection between the hidden temple, and the town of Letopolis. Players must activate the side quest New Kid, and then follow the path and story it entails.

P.S. look for a crack in the wall!

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