Assassin's Creed Unity Is Getting Review Bombed, But With Love

Assassin’s Creed: Unity has been hitting the headlines this week, thanks to its faithful in-game recreation of Notre-Dame. The famous Parisian cathedral suffered a fire earlier this week and Ubisoft have been on hand to pledge their support. The love they’ve shown to Paris has come back to them tenfold with Assassin’s Creed: Unity being review bombed on Steam. Unlike traditional review bombing, where players protest against companies or decisions by leaving negative game reviews, this time players have brought a love bomb to the game.

It all started when Ubisoft responded to news of the fire at the Notre-Dame cathedral by donating €500,000 to help with the restoration and reconstruction of the iconic building.

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The Notre-Dame de Paris is an important part of Parisian culture, a city the team feel a deep connection to. Their ties to Paris go back a long way but were cemented when they set Assassin’s Creed: Unity in the French capital. The in-game version of Paris is incredibly detailed, and includes a faithful recreation of Notre-Dame itself. The recreation was reported to have taken over 2 years, and could even be used to help restore the gothic cathedral to its former glory.

In order to further raise awareness of the cathedral’s plight, Ubisoft are also giving away free copies of Assassin’s Creed: Unity from now until April 25th. It’s this gesture, combined with their generous donation, that has seen players take to Steam to love bomb the game.

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The 2014 action-adventure game is only available for free on Ubisoft’s own Uplay store, but since the store itself doesn’t have a review system, players have taken to the game’s Steam page to express their gratitude.

Many reviewers are making players aware that the game is currently free on Uplay and many more are thanking Ubisoft for their generosity. There are also numerous reviews showing support for Paris and expressing a love for Notre-Dame itself.

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It’s unclear as to whether this love bombing will set off Valve’s review bombing systems, which were designed to detect large influxes of negative reviews. If they do then the scores from these “off topic” reviews will be discounted completely from the games overall rating; in order to ensure that reviews are rating the game, not the company or the circumstances.

Steam is currently showing 782 very positive recent reviews, but the games overall score is still mixed. However, this is likely due to the fact that over 17,000 reviews of the game have been submitted, so less than a thousand positive ones aren’t likely to make a dent in the overall score.

We may never know if the review bomb system kicks in, or if Valve make additions to enable it to do so in these circumstances; but one things for certain, Ubisoft will certainly be feeling the love.

Assassin’s Creed: Unity for PC is currently free on the Uplay store until April 25th.

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