Ubisoft Offers Assassin's Creed: Unity For Free So Players Can See Notre-Dame In-Game

In response to the fire at the Notre-Dame cathedral in Paris, Ubisoft has decided to give gamers an opportunity to explore the beautiful building in Assassin’s Creed: Unity for free. The game features the iconic landmark, recreated with painstaking accuracy, and Ubisoft is currently giving away PC copies for free until April 25.

The world was shocked this week by news of the devastating fire that spread throughout the Notre-Dame cathedral in Paris, destroying the iconic spires and much of the roofing.

The cathedral was undergoing extensive renovation works and officials have suggested that the blaze may be linked to this. It was discovered at 18:43 on Monday and firefighters were immediately called. It was extinguished successfully just over an hour later.

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The famed rose windows are said to have survived, as have the towers and most of the main structure. The iconic spires, however, were not so fortunate. While the building has some instabilities, firefighters' quick responses mean rebuilding the cathedral will be possible.

Support has flooded in from around the world, with over €600 million already pledged to the rebuilding fund. Ubisoft is joining the ranks of supporters by asking gamers to donate and offering the chance to see Notre-Dame in all its glory in-game. Ubisoft also announced that it would be donating €500,00 to help with the reconstruction of the cathedral.

Ubisoft level designer, Caroline Miousse, spent two years designing and building the replica of the iconic gothic cathedral that appears in Assassin’s Creed: Unity, right down to the spires.

Ubisoft is so keen for people to see its handiwork that it is giving away free copies of Assassin’s Creed: Unity in order to allow gamers to explore the work for themselves. It is also encouraging players to donate to the rebuilding fund if they can.

The promotion runs from April 17 through to 25 and ends at 8:00 local time.

To claim your free copy of Assassin’s Creed: Unity, head on over to the webpage or click on the banner in the Ubisoft store. You'll need to create a free Ubisoft account in order to claim your copy.

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