Astral Chain Dev Clarifies Tweet About Series Expansion

This week, IGN Netherlands reported that Platinum's upcoming Nintendo Switch exclusive, Astral Chainwould be the first part of a planned trilogy. However, director Takahisa Taura has come out on Twitter to set the record straight.

"The article says that we are making it as the first work of the three-part series," Taura tweeted. "I just said that in my head, I'm thinking about a lot more than three more."

Essentially, Taura is saying that, while he'd be interested in pursuing more entries in this potential franchise, there are no truly concrete plans to do so at this time. Or at least, none that Platinum feels comfortable sharing with the public right now.

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For the record, Taura was initially quoted as saying, "Currently, there are no plans to publish extra content for Astral Chain." He went on to say, "we’re making the game as a trilogy, and this is the first part of that trilogy. If this game sells well, we might see how the story of the series continues."

via Nintendo

Of course, these comments are very different from his clarification, so it's a bit difficult to know exactly how that extrapolation happened. However, it's worth keeping in mind that translation is a touchy business, as seen with the recent kerfuffle over Neon Genesis Evangelion's new translation. An English reporter translating a Dutch interview of a native Japanese speaker is definitely precarious, so it makes sense that something may be lost in translation.

However, as it stands, players will have to take Taura's word that there are currently no major sequels planned for Astral Chain. This may come as a bit of a relief, as many would likely prefer a complete, self-contained game as opposed to the first part of a trilogy. This gives Platinum more of a chance to focus on delivering on a single great product, as opposed to a proof-of-concept for a franchise, as well as more time to work on Bayonetta 3.

We'll see how this ambitious new IP shakes out when Astral Chain hits the Nintendo Switch this September.

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