Atlanta Reign Continues Playoff Push With 5-Match Winning Streak

The Atlanta Reign are on fire right now. This week saw the Reign win both of their matches and post a 7-1 map record within them. With those two wins, the Atlanta Reign move up to 3-0 in stage 4 and continues to make a push for the season playoffs that are right around the corner. Atlanta has been on a hot streak since their own Homestand (the city of Atlanta hosted OWL for the weekend) at the end of stage 3 and with the 2-2-2 role lock-in effect, have blasted off to a staggering 5-match winning streak.

Atlanta started off fairly strong this season with a 4-3 record through stage one. They weren't necessarily built for the 3-3 meta, but that didn't stop them from having mild success with it. They lost to the Philadelphia Fusion in the stage one playoffs and began to slip heading into the second stage of the season. It was quickly realized that the 3-3 meta wasn't for them and they went 3-4 for stage 2. The slump continued in stage 3 with Atlanta losing their first five matches before everything changed. The meta was slowly shifting and the Atlanta Homestand had finally arrived. The Atlanta Reign had an entire city on their side and used that energy to win both of their home matches, showing some signs of what was to come.

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Before the current winning streak, Atlanta held a record of 7-12. It wasn't looking great for them and the Reign were seeing their season fall apart before their eyes. Fast forward to now and the Reign are cruising to a probable playoff birth, or at least play-ins for a playoff birth, and spirits couldn't be higher. The Homestand kicked it off and they haven't turned it down since. One of the biggest contributors to the Reign's success has definitely been the 2-2-2 role lock introduced at the start of stage 4. Atlanta has some incredible DPS players and they finally have a chance to shine. Erster is playing lights out right now while BabyBay and Nlaaer have been switching back and forth in the other DPS role, trying to find the perfect lineup to continue to keep the momentum going. BabyBay himself even made light of his situation on Twitter, understanding he has a role on the team and when he is on stage, he definitely gives everything he has to help the Reign win.

The Atlanta Reign are seeing their hard work come to fruition. Their team synergy is what is really shining through as they continue the strong run they are currently on. The DPS are popping off and Dogman seems to really be coming into his own on support, having some clutch sleep darts with Ana and using her bio-nade at opportune times.  Pokpo and FRD have been seeing the most tank play during their streak and their solid performances help round out a stellar Reign team that has caught fire at the right time.

The Atlanta Reign are currently 10th in the overall standings with a 12-12 record. They have a reasonable chance to win out with a tough match against a hit-or-miss London Spitfire team. At one point, London seemed unstoppable. Next, they lost to the Florida Mayhem. That match is Atlanta's to lose, with the only other tough match left being against a surprising Washington Justice team who have gone undefeated in stage 4 so far. It will be the battle of DPS and whoever can solidify themselves as the better DPS duo will most likely take that match.

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The Atlanta Reign are probably the hottest team in the league right now. They have consistently seen staggering success over the past few weeks and only seem to be getting better the more they become comfortable in the new meta. If they stay hot going into the play-ins and, presumably, playoffs, they could be looking at a scenario where they have a chance to advance deep into the playoffs and make a run for the Grand Finals.

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