A Dicey Situation: Truck Spills Dice, Deals 216,000d6 Bludgeoning Damage to Atlanta Freeway

It turns out CBR's list of the 13 most powerful D&D monsters neglected to include Interstate 75, which soaked up enough damage to annihilate the entire Deities and Demigods supplement without breaking a sweat.

According to a YouTube video released earlier this week, a driver for Atlanta-based Trivium Games rolled a natural 1 on his truck-handling check as he transported three pallets full of six-sided Chessex dice down the interstate, and took a turn too sharply, up dumping over 216,000  of the blue, black and white cubes onto the asphalt.

Trivium Games claims that this spill amounted to the largest dice roll in history, a record previously held by the United Kingdom for Brexit.

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Trivium says that the dice were going to be used by an as-yet-unnamed game being designed by the company. Those interested in buying a game using pre-crashed dice will have a hard time, however, since there's very little information about what that game might be. There's also no website or address listed on the company's YouTube page or Twitter account -- both of which have no content besides mentioning the dice spill.

They don't appear to be related to the California-based Trivium Games, which runs escape rooms, and it's unclear whether they have anything to do with Atlanta-based company Trivium Studios, which apparently "produces board, online and handheld games," but has a defunct website, and weirdly enough, appears to be mentioned in the 2015 novel The Moment of Letting Go.

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Unfortunately, the Trivium employee neglected his most-obvious of duties and didn't spend the time totaling up the results of all the dice. He instead shoveled the bounty of dice unceremoniously into buckets.

Lucky of us, the law of large numbers means we can estimate what the result would be. Assuming that Chessex doesn't deal in weighted dice hasn't had a significant drop in quality recently, the average dice roll on a d6 is a 3.5, meaning that rolling 216,000 dice would result in a total of roughly 756,000.

Miraculously, despite dealing enough damage to kill 1,118 Tarrasques, three Mind-Flayers, two Flumphs, and a Kobold, nobody was injured in the incident.

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