Atlus Launches A Website For A Game Called Persona 5 S. Could The S Stand For Switch?

Atlus recently revealed a brief trailer for an upcoming new iteration of Persona 5, called Persona 5: The Royal. It seems that Atlus has more Persona 5 games in development than anyone realized, as they have also just launched a website with www.p5s.jp as its address, with the promise of a further announcement later this month.

The Persona 5: The Royal website has www.p5r.jp as its address, so it stands to reason that this new game will be a Persona 5 title with a subtitle beginning with the letter S, and the most obvious choice for that letter is Switch.

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Joker, from Persona 5, was revealed to be the first DLC character in the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Fighters Pass during the 2018 Game Awards, even though Persona 5 is still a PlayStation-exclusive title. The fans have wondered whether Joker’s presence in Ultimate meant that Persona 5 would be receiving a Nintendo Switch port.

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If Persona 5 S is a Nintendo Switch port of the base game, then the question now is how it will relate to The Royal? The trailer for The Royal showed a new character, which suggests that The Royal will be an updated version of Persona 5 in the same way that Golden was for Persona 4. If The Royal is an updated version of Persona 5, then would these gameplay additions also be in the Nintendo Switch version of the game? If they aren’t, then it would make the Switch port the inferior version of the game in terms of content.

The S could also stand for ˆ, as the Nintendo Switch port of Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age is also using the ˆ subtitle in order to refer to the new content present in the game.

There was also a leak in 2018 which claimed that Arc System Works is developing a Persona 5 fighting game. It’s possible that Persona 5 S is referring to this title, with the S potentially standing for several different words.

The Persona 5 S website will reveal more information on April 25th, which is the day after Atlus is due to reveal more information about Persona 5: The Royal.

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