August's Biggest Video Games, Ranked By Metacritic Score

August was a little quiet, but the back-to-school month still provided some fun games that sat well with both players and critics.

With so many big-name releases kicking off the fall season in September, August was certainly the calm before the storm. Many games were simply releases on new platforms, such as Dead Cells and Monster Hunter World. However, the back-to-school month still provided some games that sat well with both players and critics.

In our ongoing monthly feature, we take a look at some of last month’s biggest games as ranked by Metacritic score.


8. Madden NFL 19


Metacritic Score: 81 (Averaged across platforms) / User Score: 2.9 (Averaged across platforms)

This year’s release in the Madden NFL franchise proved do be well-received by critics as a whole, but failed to meet the expectations of gamers, continuing its ratings’ downward trend from last year’s release. It is hard to generate new content and keep a franchise like Madden NFL fresh with its annual release, but EA certainly has some work to do if they want to keep players and NFL fans engaged with the long-running series.

7. Overcooked! 2

via Ghost Town Games Ltd.

Metacritic Score: 82 (Averaged across platforms) / User Score: 6.3 (Averaged across platforms)

It’s back to the chaotic kitchens within the Onion Kingdom in Overcooked! 2, available on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC. The classic couch co-op returns for its second course, bringing with it new kitchens and recipes that are sure to satisfy your cravings.

6. F1 2018

via Codemasters

Metacritic Score: 83 Averaged across platforms) / User Score: 7.3 (Averaged across platforms)

Return to the high-octane world of F1 Racing in F1 2018, now available on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. The game features all of the drivers, teams, and circuits of the 2018 season.

5. Two Point Hospital

via Two Point Studios

Metacritic Score: 85 / User Score: 7.7

Two Point Hospital takes a cue from its spiritual predecessor, Theme Hospital, allowing players to design and manage state-of-the-art hospitals while tending to the patients that dwell inside. The art style and overall gameplay make the hospital management game a great addition to simulation-genre fans’ collection.

4. Guacamelee! 2

via DrinkBox Studios

Metacritic Score: 85 (Averaged across platforms) / User Score: 7.7 (Averaged across platforms)

Guacamelee! 2 takes everything good from the original game and adds new mechanics, bringing forth a solid sequel for fans of the Mexiverse. Visually stunning levels and new wrestling moves mix with humor and challenging gameplay to make Guacamelee! 2 a can’t-miss title for fans of the series.

3. Flat Heroes

via Parallel Circles

Metacritic Score: 85 / User Score: 7.9

Navigate your way through over 300 challenging levels to destroy your epic enemies. Play solo or with friends as you battle tough bosses (or each other) on your way to two-dimensional supremacy.

2. The Messenger

via Sabotage

Metacritic Score: 85 (Averaged across platforms) / User Score: 8.8 (Averaged across platforms)

In The Messenger, players take on the role of a young ninja tasked with battling demons in an effort to save his village. The game takes a familiar 8-bit approach, putting together a fun and challenging adventure that is perfect for the Nintendo Switch and PC.

1 Unavowed

via Wadjet Eye Games

Metacritic Score: 86 / User Score: 8.0

Unavowed takes players through a point-and-click adventure as they try to destroy an unearthly evil tearing its way through New York City. The game is available now on Steam.

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