Australian Fortnite Streamer Charged After Allegedly Hitting His Wife On Stream

An Australian Twitch streamer supposedly abused his wife on stream, and his viewers called the police on him. Now he will appear in court.

Viewers decided to take action against an Australian Twitch streamer after they heard what sounded like him beating his wife during a stream. While the alleged incident happened off-camera, disturbing sounds were enough to convince some that the streamer had slapped his apparently pregnant wife. The viewers called the police, and sources say the streamer was arrested and will appear in court today.

The stream in question happened on Sunday, reports Motherboard. The streamer, who went by MrDeadMoth, was playing Fortnite when a female voice chimes in from offscreen. Her tone implies that she doesn't want him playing video games. "No computer," she can be heard saying. "I’m sick of this s**t."

Seemingly frustrated that she won't let him play his game, he keeps responding with "I'll be out soon." When that doesn't placate her, he goes away from the camera, his game still going on. A loud noise can allegedly be heard, followed by him saying “I”ll be out soon. All I ask is just some time by myself.”

While crying, the woman exclaims “You’re a f***ing woman basher. You hear that? All you people there?” she said. "He just hit me in the face."

via: kotaku.com

Police arrived some three hours after the incident, having been called by viewers. A local newspaper confirms that a 26-year-old man, MrDeadMoth, was arrested. Kotaku reports  that the wife was also taken into custody, but that no charges were brought against her. Detectives noted that there were two children, girls about two and three years old, in the house at the time.

MrDeadMoth was charged with common assault and will appear at Camden Local Court on Thursday. The alleged victim's mother told media she was "very grateful" to the viewers who reported the incident.

Twitch, meanwhile, was quick to take a stance on the matter. MrDeadMoth's channel is gone, scrubbed clean by a ban. No official comment was made, but the hard ban should be enough of a message that such actions are not okay in general, let alone in front of a live audience.

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