Australian School Asks Parents To Keep Kids From Fortnite At Home

A school in Sydney, Australia has recently emailed parents recommending that they stop their children playing Fortnite.

A school in Sydney, Australia has recently emailed parents recommending that they stop their children playing Fortnite.

Whether you play Fortnite or not, there is currently no escaping from it. The battle royale mode, which is how most play the game, hasn't even been around for a year, yet it has taken the gaming world by storm. This week, Fornite's fourth season will come to an end as season five begins, so there has been more coverage of it in gaming news than ever before as mysterious things happen around the game's map.


Fortnite has also been making mainstream news too. That's because, as reported by goto.game, a school in Sydney, Australia has emailed parents voicing its concerns about its students playing the game at home. The email, which you can check out below, was forwarded to goto.games and addresses the fact that a lot of the year five boys at the school have been playing the game.

via goto.game

The main concern of the school appears to be the fact that messaging can't be turned off in the game and also that players can compete in teams of four with complete strangers. The trouble with that first concern is that they have been misinformed. Messaging and voice chat can be disabled on Fortnite, and the website the email references, Common Sense Media, actually gives instructions on how exactly parents can go about doing that.

While Fortnite is a shooting game in which you use guns and other weapons to deal damage and eventually kill rival players, the setting is a rather animated one. It doesn't have the gritty, real-life backdrop of Call Of Duty or Battlefield and has a much more fun feel to it. That's part of the reason why it appeals to children as well as adults, yet there's no getting away from the fact that it is based around themes some parents don't want their kids exposed to.

With every generation comes movies that kids want to watch when they shouldn't and games that they want to play that aren't appropriate. In the late '90s, kids wanted to watch South Park because it was a cartoon, but it was definitely intended for adults. There is much more of a grey area with Fortnite, but clearly, the reasons the aforementioned Australian school wants its students to stop playing can be easily remedied.


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