Articles by Amanda Hurych

Star Wars: 25 Things Leia Can Do That Luke Can't


Luke and Leia are probably the most famous pair of twins in the world. Well, they're the most famous pair of fictional twins in the world. The children of Darth Vader captured our hearts as soon as we...

Marvel: 25 Things About Venom That Make No Sense


When I was younger, I would walk to the local comic book store to buy my favorite volumes and add them to my collection. (This was back when my town actually had a local comic book store. Nowadays, th...

Frozen: 25 Ways Elsa Is Too Overpowered


Frozen took audiences by storm. (Get it? There's an ice storm thing in the movie! No? Just me?) It took the typical Disney-Princess story and turned it on its head. Instead of having a prince stroll a...

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