Articles by Amanda Hurych

Ranked: All The Slimes In Slime Rancher


Nothing beats a calm, quiet day farming slimes on the Far, Far Range in Slime Rancher. However, if you're going to be a Slime Rancher of any worth, you have to keep an eye on what slimes you should ho...

8 Reasons Apex Legends Might Be Crashing


Apex Legends beat the odds and became one of the most popular battle royale video games to date. Since its release, it has competed with the giant that is Fortnite and held its own. Unfortunately, the...

25 Things That Make No Sense About Captain Marvel


Captain Marvel released in theaters just a few days ago, letting eager Marvel fans ("Marvel" the company, not necessarily "Marvel" the character in this movie) catch a glimpse of the potential savior ...

Anthem: The 10 Best Guns In The Game


Anthem started life as a novel concept for a video game. Anthem presents players with an open-world, role-playing game, complete with character classes and different weapons they can upgrade. Its RPG ...

Star Trek: 25 Storylines They Want Fans To Forget


Star Trek fans have long forgiven the series for its sins. For those of you who don’t know, Star Trek can be and has been rather silly when it comes to its storylines. It is a series that takes place ...

25 Things That Make No Sense About Aquaman


The DC movie universe has been struggling in ways that the Marvel Cinematic Universe hasn’t. Man of Steel, Justice League, and Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice received mellow critical reviews (wit...

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