Articles by Amanda Hurych

Marvel: 25 Things About Venom That Make No Sense


When I was younger, I would walk to the local comic book store to buy my favorite volumes and add them to my collection. (This was back when my town actually had a local comic book store. Nowadays, th...

Frozen: 25 Ways Elsa Is Too Overpowered


Frozen took audiences by storm. (Get it? There's an ice storm thing in the movie! No? Just me?) It took the typical Disney-Princess story and turned it on its head. Instead of having a prince stroll a...

25 Things About The Last Of Us That Make No Sense


I do not think that many would argue with me when I say The Last of Us is one of the best narrative experiences to be found in the gaming world. If you have played it, I'm sure I don't need to remind ...

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