Articles by Ariel Needleman


20 More Fan Theories That Ruin Games

Fan theories are a ton of fun. They can be whacky or make a game ten times better. Most fan theories are meant to help fill in the blanks or fix loopholes that the creators forgot to cover. Some theor...


15 Conspiracy Theories About Minecraft

Break out your tin foil hats and prepare to dive into the world of alien abduction. Country bumpkins aren’t the only ones who can come up with spectacular and amazing tales to explain the weird and in...


15 Games That Give You A Hard Time For Cheating

Cheater, cheater, pumpkin eater. No one likes them. Everyone wants to be them; or at least, the ones that don’t get caught. Cheating and hacking are as old as video games themselves. Whether it’s hack...


The World’s 15 Top Earning Female Pro Gamers

Esports has changed a lot over the years. What started as a bunch of amateur gamers coming together for a little bit of friendly challenge has blossomed into a pantheon of challenges and tournaments w...


Legendary: 25 Hottest Zelda Cosplays

Cosplay, as we know it, is a relatively recent hobby. For those who are outside of the geek and nerd communities, cosplay is a confusing and somewhat off-putting phenomenon. However, for those who can...

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