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Twitch Has Banned StephenIRL The Bounty Hunter

The banning spree continues as StephenIRL's Twitch channel has been one of the latest to go dark. StephenIRL was a very quick-to-rise streamer, using his bounty hunter occupation as the main subject f...

Game News

Knut Has Been Banned From TwitchCon 2019

Norwegian bodybuilder and Twitch streamer Knut Spildrejordehas been banned from TwitchCon 2019, which will be held in San Diego from September 27th-30th. Though a specific reason has not yet been prov...

Game News

Ninja Is Streaming Gears 5 Right Now

Mixer's new streaming icon, Tyler "Ninja" Blevins, is first to stream Gears 5 – the upcoming installment in the Gears of War series. The game will release to the public on September 10th, just one wee...