Articles by Allison Stalberg


10 Best Historically Accurate Video Games

Not every gamer cares for history, which makes it all the more mind-blowing when studios put a ton of work into historical accuracy in their games. Also, there is nothing more satisfying than proving ...


10 Best Games To Play If You Love Dinosaurs

Who doesn't like dinosaurs? They are epic, scary, and fascinating. They are like fantasy creatures, except they actually existed in the past. They are dragons that once walked the earth.


The 10 Best Dog Pokémon, Ranked

Dog lovers must rejoice with how many dog Pokémon exist. With how many generations there are, it would now be easy to have multiple all-dog parties. They also have a pretty wide array of types from fi...


10 Tips For Fallout 4 Survival Mode

For gamers wanting a challenge, Fallout 4 survival mode is a big deal. Selecting it at the beginning of your game means you can only save when at a mattress or sleeping bag your character can sleep in...


The 10 Funniest Ways To Die In Video Games

Video games can have a great sense of humor when it comes to death. After all, you can die hundreds of times in a video game with little consequence. When that happens, death can be taken lightly and ...


10 Great Games You Can Beat In A Weekend

There are video games out there that can swallow up so much time. Hundreds to even thousands of hours can go into games like the Fallout or Animal Crossing series. Unfortunately, some gamers do not ha...

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