Articles by Allison Stalberg

10 Tips For Fallout 4 Survival Mode


For gamers wanting a challenge, Fallout 4 survival mode is a big deal. Selecting it at the beginning of your game means you can only save when at a mattress or sleeping bag your character can sleep in...

The 10 Funniest Ways To Die In Video Games


Video games can have a great sense of humor when it comes to death. After all, you can die hundreds of times in a video game with little consequence. When that happens, death can be taken lightly and ...

10 Great Games You Can Beat In A Weekend


There are video games out there that can swallow up so much time. Hundreds to even thousands of hours can go into games like the Fallout or Animal Crossing series. Unfortunately, some gamers do not ha...

Dragon Age: 10 Most Memorable Quotes


It is no secret that the Dragon Age series has amazing writing. A lot of work is put into the various cultures, regions, and characters. There are even amazing stories within the story. The folklore a...

Myers-Briggs® Types Of Metal Gear Characters


Metal Gear is a game series where one moment you are discussing the effects of the military industrial complex and the next you are fighting a man who can control bees. It’s a rollercoaster ride of ri...

The 10 Best Nintendo GameCube Games Of All Time


In the early 2000s, you may have been lucky enough to own a Nintendo Gamecube. The cube was quite different from today’s Nintendo consoles that rely on motion controls. What sold the Gamecube to so ma...

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