Articles by Benjamin Baker

The 10 Best Video Game Soundtracks, Ranked


For many game developers, the music that accompanies the action or story on the screen is a second thought that gets pushed below quality storytelling, fun gameplay, and high fidelity graphics. But so...

Zelda: 10 Skull Kid Cosplay That Are Next-Level


The Skull Kid is one of the most iconic characters in the Zelda series. First appearing in Ocarina of Time before making a major appearance as the primary villain in Majora’s Mask. This interesting cr...

Pokémon That Used To Be Humans, Ranked


Pokémon are created in a lot of different ways in the Pokémon series. Some were created by the Pokémon god Arceus, some evolved into their new forms, and others were helpless humans who, through a hor...

10 Surprising Games That No-Showed At E3 2019


E3 is a massive event for both gamers and game developers. It’s the perfect opportunity for game companies to create a lot of hype and interest about their games to get people to preorder and gamers b...

Every Single Artificial Pokémon, Ranked


There have been times throughout the Pokémon universe that mankind has tried their hand at playing god and creating their own Pokémon. Sometimes it was done to protect themselves from other Pokémon, t...

The 10 Best Dragon Ball RPGs, Ranked


While the Dragon Ball series of games has largely been dominated by fighting games, there have been a number of RPG games or games with significant RPG elements that do an excellent job of telling Gok...

Dragon Ball Z: The 10 Best Fighting Games, Ranked


There are a lot of video games for the Dragon Ball Z series and it’s understandable why. As one of the most popular animes across the globe, there’s a lot of money to be had in giving fans the ability...

Pokémon: Every Ultra Beast, Ranked


In the Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon games, players encounter powerful Pokémon who’ve traveled to the region of Alola via Ultra Wormholes that connect the Pokémon world to an extradimensional world...

World Of Warcraft Classic Classes, Ranked


As some players start diving into the beta of World of Warcraft Classic and the rest of the world gears up for the official release in August, it’s becoming apparent that things have changed dramatica...

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