Articles by Benjamin Baker


MBTI® Of Borderlands 3 Characters

There are a lot of colorful characters in Borderlands 3, and many are rich individuals with their own personalities and quirks that help the world come alive. As a result, many fans will find themselv...


Borderlands 3: 10 Tips For Leveling Fast

Part of the fun of Borderlands 3 is getting to the endgame content where the real challenges and the best loot lies. These challenges and increased difficulties are tough and anyone expecting to waltz...


The Best Places To Farm Money In Borderlands 3

Unlike the previous games money plays a much greater role in making your character the strongest they can be and survive the dangers of the universe in Borderlands 3. Money is used to buy better gear,...


Diablo 4: 10 Things We Want Blizzard To Include

The Diablo series has gone through some interesting changes, both bad and good. Many fans consider Diablo 2 to be the highlight of the series with Diablo 3 introducing some interesting developments to...

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