Articles by Benjamin Baker


10 Best Armor Sets In Breath Of The Wild

One of the more interesting aspects of The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild is collecting all of the varying items that can be found in the world of Hyrule. Some items are merely collectibles for c...


Monster Hunter World Elder Dragons Ranked

In Monster Hunter World, there are no beasts more ferocious or more feared than the Elder Dragons. Very little is known about these creatures or where they came from. All that’s known is they are haza...


The Last Of Us: 10 Most Memorable Quotes

The Last Of Us was one of those rare gems that showed just how powerful good storytelling and character development could be in a video game. The entire plot is full of emotional moments, inspiring gr...


Rainbow Six Siege: 10 Tips To Defending Better

Rainbow Six Siege is an incredible game that pits players against in each other in close quarters hostile combat. One team is assigned to defend an area for different reasons, say holding a person hos...

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