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Does The Dog Die In Blair Witch?

After E3 this year, one question was on everyone's mind. It wasn't about what Microsoft's doing with the next Xbox, or what Sony's even up to at this point - nothing that trivial. No, we all wanted to...

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Blair Witch Review: Waking The Witch

The immediate and justified response to a Blair Witch game was one of skepticism. Here was a tie-in video game to a film franchise that changed the face of horror, only to quickly lose its footing and...


Here's How To Play Blair Witch In 21:9

This week's Blair Witch is proving to be a chilling, engaging horror game from the makers of Layers of Fear and Observer. However, some PC fans are running into an issue relating to the game's support...

Game Reviews

Oninaki Review: How To Save An (After)Life

In the prologue of Oninaki, the protagonist murders the parents of a child’s ghost in order to reunite them in the afterlife. This sets the tone for Tokyo RPG Factory’s narratively rich, but mechanica...

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