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Pokémon Masters: How To Farm Coins And Evolve Faster

Pokémon Masters is the second smash hit Pokémon game on mobile devices, the only one to even come close to GO's success. It has proven to be incredibly successful since its release a week ago and brings a new type of game to the Pokémon franchise.

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Overwatch League Unveils Its 2019 Role Stars

With the 2019 season for the Overwatch League came the addition of three new awards season categories.  One of those new additions were the "Role Stars." This category touted the best of the best Over...

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How Do You Write Esports, Anyway?

The world of video gaming - and professional leagues surrounding popular gaming titles - continues to grow every year. Leagues are formed and exciting new games get professional competitive scenes. Th...

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Fade Has Retired From Dota 2

Pan "Fade" Yi - professional Dota player for Vici Gaming - has announced his retirement following The International 2019. 23 year old Fade made the decision to retire after drama began to build before...

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