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Spelunky 2 Delayed Until 2020

Derek Yu, creator of the hit indie game Spelunky announced recently on Twitter that the much anticipated Seplunky 2 will be delayed until sometime next year. This will come as a disappointment to fans...

TheGamer Originals

What Happened To The 'Music' Genre?

"Here I am. Rock you like a hurricane. Here I am. Rock you like a hurricane," you sing along as you play a sick solo courtesy of the legendary band Scorpions. The plastic tapping of your guitar-shaped...

Game News

Cooking Mama Will Have A "Vegetarian Mode"

As previously expected, the long running Nintendo Series will be making its way to their newest console, the Nintendo Switch.  More news has been surfacing lately and the biggest reveal is the newest ...


How To Report Toxic Behavior In EA Games

Many of us have experienced toxicity when playing a video game over the years. You put the headset on, hop into a Modern Warfare 2 multi-player match, and wait for the insults to start flying. It won'...

Game News

Toronto Defiant Part Ways With Head Coach

The Toronto Defiant took to Twitter last night to announce they will no longer continue the season with their head coach. Beoumjun "Bishop" Lee will no longer be head coach of the Defiant. Instead, th...

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