Ben Johnston

Ben is a freelance writer that loves dogs, beer, and thrash metal. His favorite games include the Resident Evil Series, the God Of War series, The Half Life series, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, and any Indies he can get his hands on. He also enjoys horror movies, good books, and writing (duh).

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25 Cosplay Of Classic PlayStation Characters

The world of cosplay is as popular today as it has ever been, with cons and gatherings filled with fans who dedicate their time, talent, and money into looking as close to the in-game character of the...


Video Games And Toys You Can Only Get In Japan

The citizens of Japan are recognized for being some of the most brilliant and resourceful people on the planet; they discovered CRISPR, instant noodles, and the Quantum Flux Parametron, something so s...


The Hottest Game Characters Alphabet From A To Z

The alphabet is one of the building blocks of our society; it organizes our letters into an easily recognizable and duplicated pattern, allowing it be taught to all speakers and writers of the English...


DOA Or Street Fighter: Which Girls Are Hotter?

If the fighting game genre has one thing to offer, it's beautiful babes. Since their initial conception, busty, curvaceous, and sexy chicks have been kicking all the dudes, and each other's, butts. Su...


Skyrim: 15 Hottest Cosplays EVER

Skyrim is one of the best and most celebrated RPGs in all of gaming and with good reason. The extraordinary world of Bethesda's epic RPG is brilliantly fleshed out, the exploration is second to none, ...

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