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13 New Games Are Coming To Xbox Game Pass

As Xbox Game Pass continues to expand its library with some some great games and boost indie game sales, it seems to be a service that could be worth investing in. Soon, Xbox Game Pass will grow with ...

Game News

Mario & Luigi Developer AlphaDream Goes Under

According to Teikoku Databank, a firm that conducts research into business activity, game developer AlphaDream has filed bankruptcy with the Tokyo District Court. By March 2018, the company was 465 million yen, or $4.32 million USD, in debt.

Game News

Grand Theft Auto III Gets A New Rating (In Australia)

Grand Theft Auto III may have been out for a while now, standing as a classic in the eyes of many gamers. However, despite its age, the game has received a new rating from the Australian Classification Board for one sole reason, essentially.

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