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20 Of The Weirdest Things You Can Do In Pokémon

Like many others, I grew up playing Pokémon. Back in 1998, when the original games released, I was hooked. My parents, on my birthday, surprised me with a Game Boy, and a copy each of Red and Blue. Th...


25 Whisper Confessions From GameStop Employees

For most of us, a weekend trip to GameStop is pretty standard. Or at least, it once was. The video game retailer has gone down the drain in recent years. And their shady trade-in practices have lost t...


15 Real Life Crimes Inspired By Video Games

Video games provide unique opportunities and methods to escape the toils of daily life. There are no 9-to-5 gigs, no bills due at the end of the month, and certainly no drama. The stories, characters,...


15 Horribly Embarrassing Live Stream Moments

We often turn to live streams as a way to get further enjoyment out of our favorite video games. If you open a browser tab to Twitch, you’ll notice millions of people watching their favorite games. Mo...


The 20 Hardest To Find Pokémon In The Series

The Pokémon series has a special place in many people’s hearts. It is a timeless classic that, with each iteration, seems to improve and expand in some way – even just the slightest. Of course, there ...


Jaw-Dropping: The 15 Hottest Gamers In The World

While men may treat them as a rare species, women who play video games are actually becoming increasingly more widespread. Furthermore, recent polls conducted by the media have revealed that 35 to 40 ...


15 Tips To Survive DayZ You CANNOT Miss

Despite the insanely mixed reviews found on Steam, DayZ (Standalone) is one of the most in-depth, community-driven survival games available on the platform. Sure, there are contenders such as Rust and...