Articles by Ben Johnston

Atari Box Console Will Use Crowdfunding Campaign


Atari has released a newsletter and trailer revealing the first details about their upcoming system, the Ataribox. With it, a separate note to investors disclosed that the console would likely be avai...

Gran Turismo Sport Gets Release Date


Gran Turismo Sport has received a release date and trailer, slating the eagerly awaited entry in the beloved Playstation exclusive racing series for release on October 17th.

How To Spot A Fake NES Classic Unit Online


With Nintendo's notorious practice of releasing extremely limited amounts of products everyone wants, buyers now have a new hazard to navigate when looking for an NES Classic system online—bootleg sys...

Why Project Scorpio Was Named Xbox One X


In a recent interview, head of Xbox Operations Dave McCarthy disclosed how the next generation of Xbox was named, amongst other console specific development details.

How To Fly Like Iron Man In Mass Effect: Andromeda


Modder Wavebend has created a new addition to Mass Effect: Andromeda, allowing players to blast around via jetpack like Tony Stark in the appropriately named “Iron Man” mod that sends Ryder to the clo...

Steam Summer Sale: 10 Deals You Need To Know About


It is nearly the end of June which means two things; it’s time for the annual Steam Summer Sale and you need to get your credit card limit upped until July 5th. You hear millions of gamers’ wallets sc...

Nintendo Apologizes For Switch Shortages


Nintendo has released a statement apologizing for the shortage of Switch consoles in the domestic market. Amidst the apology is the promise to deliver more consoles in the upcoming year.

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