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The 10 Most Difficult Bosses From Bayonetta, Ranked

It's not often that you get to attack an angel and still retain your good guy status. Bayonetta is renowned for having some of the largest, and most difficult bosses to get through. From human-like quick strikers to galaxy throwing overlords.


5 Best Oculus Games Ever ( & 5 Worst)

The emerging scene of VR is steadily growing as games start to appear with in-depth storylines and crisp controls. For years we were happy with the small almost side game like state of VR games as it was such a new experience.

Hearthstone Featured

Hearthstone: 5 Cards That Are Underrated (& 5 Overrated)

Through the years players have had with Hearthstone, many expansions have come and gone. From "The Boomsday Project" to "Knights of the Frozen Throne", there have been cards that take the spotlight for a while, and then fall just as quick.


10 Fallout 76 Controversies, Explained

Fallout 76 was the much-anticipated continuation of Fallout 4. Supposed to be bigger and better, 76 lived up to the hype for all the wrong reasons. It might be the jankiest,  most bugged release for a big title in history.


10 Games To Play If You Love Yakuza 0

The wild landscape of Yakuza has stolen many hearts during its time. Probably for the fact it's incredibly hard to find a game that even feels similar to the Yakuza series. The power struggles, the hu...


Dark Souls 3: 10 Weapons That Make The Game Way Too Easy

Dark Souls has many impressive features, from the memorable bosses to the challenging difficulty. What really stands out is its slick, moody design that bleeds into the world. This also affects the inventory of weapons that you have at your disposal.


The 10 Most Underrated Games On Xbox One

Usually, there's a pretty good reason why a game doesn't take off; server issues, clunky handling, or it's just not that fun to play. This tends to give all the never-weres a bad name, but there are a...

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