Articles by Cameron Piccalo


25 Hidden Quests Fans Missed In Fallout 4

To say Fallout 4 is packed with content and quests would be an understatement. There is no shortage of adventures to be had and it would be no surprise to find out that you may have missed some of Fal...


25 Things Everyone Gets Wrong About Marvel Movies

When one thinks about pure box office dominance in today’s film world, there is no other franchise or studio that dominates the box office like the MCU and Marvel Studios. The MCU is home to some of t...


15 NBA 2K18 Ratings That Are DISGRACEFUL

Ahh, the hardwood, where the crappy fall into obscurity and the greats live on forever as legends of the game. Greats like Bill Russell, Wilt Chamberlain, Oscar Robertson and the great Michael Jordan ...


Horrifying: 15 Pokémon You NEVER Want To Run Into

Pokémon are cute and adorable; I think we are all perfectly aware of that. From the series’ marquee mascot, Pikachu, to its intended mascot, Clefairy. Growing up with the series’ it’s pretty easy to o...


The 8 Best And 7 Worst Mario Sports Games

Gaming’s golden boy is a man of many talents. Of course, we all know him for his famous exploits of Goomba and gorilla-stomping and princess rescuing throughout the years since his emergence back in 1...


Every Mortal Kombat Ninja, Ranked

Fighting games are a popular breed among the numerous genres of gaming and few match up to the history and longevity of Mortal Kombat. It all began back in 1992 with the release of Mortal Kombat and h...


The 8 Best And 7 Worst Pokémon Games Of All Time

As one of, if not the most, beloved series in all of gaming, Pokémon burst onto the scene back in 1996 and has pretty much over taken the planet. It has branched out into manga, anime, card games, and...


The 8 Best And 7 Worst LEGO Games Of All-Time

I think it’s safe to say we all want to feel like a kid again from time to time; to grab hold of a piece of our childhood and not let it go. I’m sure most of us used to play with those colorful little...

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