Articles by Carrine Samantha Yem

24 Danny Phantom Fan Comics That Are Extra Sweet


We all remember Danny Phantom as a top classic cartoon to be dished out by Nickelodeon. It had action, it had comedy, and it hit fans hard. Really, a story about a boy who turns half-ghost and battles...

25 Disney Princes And Heroes Reimagined As Girls


The princes and heroes of the Disney universe really need some more appreciation in the fandom! Sure, personality-wise, there isn’t much known about the guys in comparison to the girls. And not all th...

20 Modern Games Reimagined As Retro Classics


Today we're here to give you a hit of nostalgia. Who here remembers the time when all games were pixel and we had to grind for so many hours just to get to the next level... only to cramp your hand fr...

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