Articles by Cody Orme

The 10 Best Platformers For PlayStation 4


The PlayStation 4 has a huge library full of games for players of any kind. Yet, the one genre to consistently make its way to both hardcore and casual users is the platformer. With simple controls, b...

Atari Box Gets New Name & Details


Somehow, it happened—Atari revealed more information on it’s new console, The Artari Box.Or should we say, the Atari VCS, according to Engadget. If that name sounds familiar, it’s for a reason. That w...

Epic Games Shutting Down Paragon


Fans of Paragon need to get as much time with the game as they can as Epic Games revealed the MOBA's servers shut down this spring on April 28, 2018. Thankfully, fans who stuck by the game on both Pla...