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10 Weirdest Silent Hill Monsters

Silent Hill is a town full of the strange and macabre. It would have to be, since it populates the streets with nightmares pull right out of the minds of its hapless victims. While traversing the fogg...


10 Most Symbolic Silent Hill Monsters

The Silent Hill franchise is well-known for having complex symbolic explanations for a lot of elements in their games. Their brand of horror prides itself on being twisted and psychological, making pl...


10 Scariest Silent Hill Locations

As one of the most popular and most formative survival horror franchises in video game history, alongside its contemporary Resident Evil, the Silent Hill games have spooked gamers since its first rele...


10 Best Horror Games On The Nintendo Switch

Sometimes you just need a good way to scare yourself. What's Halloween without a little fright in your life? You might have exhausted your scary movie queue on Netflix, but there's still a whole world...


The 10 Best Games For Horseback Riding, Ranked

Horses played very important roles in the history of civilization. They are also some of the most fragile, disastrously constructed animals ever to exist. They're notoriously difficult to animate, and...


Pokémon: Every City & Town In Hoenn, Ranked

Hoenn was the largest region in the Pokémon franchise at the time of its release. It had a whopping sixteen cities and towns, compared to the Kanto and Johto regions, which both had ten. It has since ...


Untitled Goose Game: Complete Puzzle Guide

Untitled Goose Game has tapped into the chaotic energy that lives within us all, waiting to be unleashed on a village full of unsuspecting people. There's something about seeing "Press Y to Honk" that unlocks some hidden well of goose-mischief.


10 Games Fans Of Settlers of Catan Should Try

Settlers of Catan is a tabletop classic and a staple at many game nights. It elegantly combines elements of trading, resource management, and city building games and blends them into a fun strategy ga...


10 Games Dungeons & Dragons Fans Should Try

Dungeons & Dragons dominates the tabletop RPG scene in popular culture. It's seen a resurgence since the introduction of fifth edition and the popularity of actual play media like Critical Role. But there's more to life than just D&D.

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