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28 Zelda Comics That Are Hilariously True


xThe Zelda franchise has been around since 1986, which makes it older than me, which doesn't sound right, but I'm not going to argue with anything that makes me feel younger.  With a list of titles nu...

The 26 Worst G.I. Joe Action Figures Of All Time


If I were to ask you how many different G.I. Joe characters there are, how many would you guess? When I first began researching the article, I found a list that said something like 163, which I found ...

25 Dark Facts You Didn't Know About Kylo Ren


So the release of The Last Jedi has come and gone, with the results being pretty divided between love and hate. Personally, I loved it, but I’m not going to stand here and tell you it wasn’t heavily f...

29 Confessions From Cosplayers


Cosplay.  Possibly the coolest aspect of being a nerd is the community of people take their love of characters, fictional or otherwise, and put hours of effort into creating awesome costumes of them. ...

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