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22 Night Time Cartoons That Are Extra Sweet


Not all animation is geared towards kids. Nor should it be. Cartoons are an alternate form of artistic expression that usually can’t be shown properly through a live-action adaptation. That’s what mak...

20 Things Disney Got Wrong About Star Wars


The acquisition of Lucasfilm by Disney was groundbreaking. Until it was announced that only two items were being included within their new canon, making everything else a part of the Expanded Universe...

The 25 Worst Netflix Originals Of 2017


Netflix has become known for taking risks regarding original movies and television shows. With Stranger Things pulling in the big bucks, it would be wise for them to continue playing the game the way ...

The 25 Worst Video Games Of 2017


This past year should be considered weirder than most, especially for gamers. With an abundance of great games came an equal amount of disappointing and crappy ones. Add in micro-transactions, loot cr...

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