Articles by Dellen Miller

23 Nintendo Princesses Reimagined As Villains


Nintendo’s princesses usually protect the world from evil, but what if they were the villains? Fans love reimagining video game characters in different roles. In particular, they love reimagining the ...

Skyrim: The 15 Creepiest HIDDEN Dungeons


If you’ve played The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, you know just how creepy it can be. Whether you’re fighting restless spirits, fleeing from insane cults, or turning yourself into a werewolf through blood...

15 Reboots Worse Than The Originals


When game developers want their franchise to move in a different direction, they often create reboots. Sometimes reboots transition old mechanics into a new style — sometimes reboots abandon all previ...

The 20 Most Overrated Wii Games Of All Time


Released in 2006, the Wii captivated audiences with its motion controls. Promising unique gameplay and world-renowned Nintendo titles like Super Mario and The Legend of Zelda — the Wii entered the mar...

15 Gaming Heroes Who MURDERED Their Own Children


Most gaming heroes are undeniably goodhearted, but some have questionable morals. While a few heroes on this list accidentally killed their offspring, the rest intentionally murdered their own childre...

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