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10 Games To Play If You Love Borderlands 3

Borderlands 3 has enjoyed immense success since its launch. In a report from 2K Games and Take-Two Interactive, the game has performed better than any other 2K title in many categories. The Borderland...


10 Hardest Action Games Fans Should Be Proud Of Beating

While it may be true that classic titles offer some of the most challenging experiences in video games, that's not to say that punishing gameplay and controller-shattering frustration is not to be found in subsequent generations.


Top Ten Tabletop Games That Take All Day

Board games make for an easy way to have a fun night, and there are so many options to choose from. Card games, deck-building games, worker placement games, cooperative games, strategy games, role-playing games... there's something for everyone.


God Of War: The Best Attacks, Ranked

God of War wouldn't work if it didn't have masterful combat woven in the fabric of the game. Thankfully, that's not a problem. The PS4 exclusive is filled to the brim with conflict, and Kratos moves b...


10 Most Badass Quotes From The Dishonored Series

Dishonored and its excellent sequels are some of the best stealth sims out there. Sliding and surging through the intricate levels, Corvo is a protagonist in whose hands you feel powerful. Your vengea...


10 Dungeons & Dragons Rules Everyone Forgets

Dungeons & Dragons is as popular a game as ever, and the roleplaying adventure has even transcended the typical response of "You play what?" in casual conversation. More people are jumping into th...


Every Major Horizon Zero Dawn Spoiler, Explained

Horizon Zero Dawn is a fantastic game with a complex story. The world's history is intricate, and the connections to humanity before the tribal divisions and strife are woven through the fabric of the...

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