Articles by Dougie Powell

25 Nickelodeon Girls Reimagined As New Moms


Growing up, I was a Nickelodeon kid. I loved pretty much every show that aired on that channel. At one point, my Dad tried to ban my siblings and me from watching it, telling us that the shows were al...

25 Amazing Disney Girls Reimagined As New Moms


If Disney knows how to do one thing, it’s how to make a "Happily Ever After" ending. That moment when all is well, the villain is defeated, and everyone can go off happily into the sunset. But while t...

21 Classic Disney Villains Reimagined As Parents


Disney Villains are just as important to the stories as the heroes. Without the interference from the villains, our heroes never would have gotten their happily ever after. A film with no conflict is ...

25 Disney Princesses Reimagined As New Moms


Disney Princesses mean a lot to a lot of people. While the franchise was initially invented as a way to market films towards young girls, people of all ages and genders have their favorite Disney Prin...

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