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25 Weird Facts About Deadpool’s Body

Deadpool is probably the world's favorite superhero, with the first movie grossing nearly a cool billion dollars. We're pretty certain Deadpool was pleased when he found out his origin story became th...


23 Worst Things About Far Cry 5

Far Cry has long been one of my favorite video game series. I remember playing the remake of the first one on Xbox back in the day, and loving how much better it was than the original on PC. I was one...


The 20 WORST Things About Destiny 2

One of the most anticipated (and highly marketed) releases of the year has finally been put out and the reviews for the hot first person shooter from Bungie are up. The verdict?


20 Secrets EB Games Doesn't Want You To Know

Working at a video games store is a lot of people's dream job, working with what you love, in the culture you're a part of and showing people your favourite games so they can try them sounds amazing.

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