Articles by Dean West


15 Games People HATE For No Reason

Every now and again, a video game comes along that, while perfectly playable and decent, is hated by a large majority of people. I get that the enjoyment of video games, like any other creative medium...


15 Conspiracy Theories About Grand Theft Auto

Grand Theft Auto games are set in worlds that are large in scope and rich in design. They are packed full of easter eggs to find when you’re not sleeping with prostitutes, stealing cars, or gunning do...


The 15 Most Vile Things Handsome Jack Has Done

Handsome Jack is a divisive figure in the Borderlands series. Some love him, and some hate him. Either way, he is often referred to as one of the greatest video game villains of all time. There is a c...


Ranking Every Donkey Kong Game From Worst To Best

When someone says, Nintendo, you’re likely to first think of the iconic Mario or perhaps Link, from The Legend of Zelda series, but hardly anyone mentions Donkey Kong. It seems strange, considering th...


15 Terrible Games Sony Wants You To Forget About

Sony have been on top of the world as of late. The PS4 has sold over 50-million units and is far and wide the most successful home console of this generation. It could be said that Sony are the heavyw...