Danny Hernandez

I am a freelance writer and an amateur human being. Stories and Storytelling have been my passions for as long as I can remember, whether it's the stories written about superheroes, villains, or just people living in this world doing incredible and meaningful things. Stories are what interest me and writing has always been how I express that. On the freelance side of things, I tend to focus on entertainment, geek culture, vegan living, and Los Angeles culture. I follow my interests and let my passions guide my voice. My writing is likely to reflect my curiosity at any given point, which can mean anything from an article on why the MCU needs Dr. Doom far more than the Fantastic 4 or something on what it's like to be a millennial who's aged out of the foster care system. I use writing as an avenue--an excuse to explore aspects of life and the world that I wouldn't normally be able to. I'm just a nerd hoarding knowledge hoping to share what I've learned and be heard.

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